‘Search Paris’ And ‘Search Bataclan’ Hashtags #RechercheParis, #RechercheBataclan Show Missing People’s Photos After Paris Attacks

The popularity of social media during the Paris attacks, and in the aftermath of the horror, means that sites like Twitter are being helpful in a way that wasn’t available in 2001 when the September 11 attacks occurred at the World Trade Center and in other U.S. locations. As reported by the New York Post, in 2001, those who searched for their loved ones had to walk the streets of New York, searching for photos posted around the city.

Warning: The #rechercheBataclan and #rechercheParis hashtags on Twitter might contain photos and videos that are graphic and disturbing.

In 2015, the hashtag #rechercheParis, which translates to “search Paris,” represents a digital means of searching for those who might still be missing in the Paris attacks. The hashtag #rechercheBataclan searches for those in the concert hall at the time of the attacks.

Sadly, some of those searches on Twitter have turned up the news that the people being searched for in Paris have perished as a result of their injuries suffered in the Paris attacks.

“The search is over, I have no words, only tears. Marie and Mathias have left us both.”

Others using the “search Paris” hashtag are still searching for loved ones, and begging other Twitter users to retweet the photos and words that they are publishing in hopes of finding them.

Certain Twitter users have included details that appear to list the person’s name, age and other details along with their photos in the “search Paris” tweets.

“126th SEARCH Wang Yang 40 years 1m80”

Not only are the tweets under the “recherche Paris” and “recherche Bataclan” being used by people who are posting photos of the loved ones they are seeking, the hashtags are also being used by people taking photos of injured folks from the Paris attacks, in hopes that those who know the victims will find them.

The photos tab of the “search Paris” hashtag on Twitter shows plenty of images of people being sought in the wake of the Paris tragedy.

Twitter users are using the social media platform to post multiple photos of the missing people in different images in hopes that they will find them alive.

By using screenshots from other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter users are then uploading similar photos of Paris attack victims to the social media site in hopes of plastering the images everywhere for someone to eventually recognize.

The image wall on Twitter under the two “search Paris” and “search Bataclan” hashtags has turned into a virtual digital wall of missing people that seems a more effective way to find missing folks around Paris.

[Feature image courtesy of AP/Joseph Kaczmarek]

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