Kim Zolciak Flaunts Tiny Waist In Latest Instagram Photo, Accused Of Photoshopping Yet Again [Photo]

Kim Zolciak is in hot water yet again over a seemingly questionable photo fans insist she’s photoshopped. According to Life & Style, the mother-of-six, who recently celebrated her fourth wedding anniversary with her husband, Kroy Biermann, is at the center of controversy over a filtered photo because fans reportedly do not believe her tiny, impressive waistline is real.

On Friday, Nov. 13, a bikini-clad Kim Zolciak shared a photo via Instagram. Along with the photo, she included a lengthy capture, detailing her dietary routine. According to the Daily Mail, Kim revealed water is vital to the success of her diet and that she usually doesn’t deprive herself of dessert cravings. “I’m not a breakfast eater so my shake is meal replacement,” Zolciak revealed. “I drink a ton of water everyday Penta is the only water I tend to drink. I eat dessert every night after dinner, whether it’s a few bites of cake, a cookie etc I love chocolate. You can definitely pinch an inch or 5 for that matter but I love to live and I love to eat.”

Although Kim Zolciak shared the secret to her dietary success, fans still weren’t buying it. Almost immediately after posting the photo, Kim was faced with opposition from social media users who criticized her for altering the photo to make her waist look smaller.

“She should fire whoever did this photoshop, looks fake. We’ve seen the paparazzi pic on the beach taken on the same day and she looks nothing like THIS. I don’t understand Why are u so embarrassed to show the REAL you?! We should never be embarrassed of ourselves, besides this sends the wrong message to people who look up to you and sets wrong and unreal beauty standards.#HollywoodIsSoFake” one Instagram user said.

However, the criticism wasn’t just confined to Instagram. A few social media users even retweeted the photo on Twitter, sharing their opinion of the seemingly questionable observation. But, of course, the comments definitely didn’t go unnoticed. According to Star Pulse, Kim Zolciak recently fired back at the haters. It has been reported that Kim took to SnapChat just hours after posting the controversial photo on Instagram. She made it clear that the photo was not photoshopped.

“No Photo Shopping Here,” Kim said.

Although her address was relatively simple, most fans are well aware that the statement was made to address the critics and media outlets that questioned her Instagram photo. The recent photoshop debacle follows a string of other controversial photos where Kim has been criticized. Several previous reports have revealed that although Kim has been waist-training like dozens of other celebrities, some fans still refuse to believe that her extremely tiny waistline is real.

In addition to the alleged photoshopped photos, Kim Zolciak has also been accused of having a number of cosmetic surgeries and allowing her young daughters to do so as well. In fact, many people have even accused the Don’t Be Tardy star of being a bad influence on her children. Even after her reported health scare following her stint on Dancing With the Stars, she was even accused of faking a stroke. But why? Kim actually has an alleged history of stretching the truth, which began on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. For those who don’t remember, Kim reportedly lied about having cancer. So now she’s regularly questioned about any and everything she does that raises even the smallest concerns. But of course, Kim has adamantly denied most of the claims.

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[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]