Seattle Seahawks Vs. Arizona Cardinals: Live Stream Watching Available For NFC West Grudge Match

The Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals game time has nearly arrived. The ability to watch live stream coverage is available to Seahawks and Cardinals fans as well, likely increasing the national audience that will be tuning in for this game.

In the updated NFL picks from, nine of the 13 analysts are favoring the Seahawks to win this game. Keith Jackson (88-44), Merril Hoge (85-47), Ron Jaworski (87-45), and KC Joyner (84-48) sided with the Cardinals.

It’s an important grudge match for the two NFC West powerhouses, which is why NBC is giving the game primetime treatment. Game time is 5:30 p.m. PT, with the live streaming watchable a bit before kickoff. The game is also getting a national broadcast on television, giving fans around the NFL a chance to tune in.

For the first of two games this season, the Vegas oddsmakers have predicted the Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals game to be decided by just three points. The Seahawks are projected to play well at CenturyLink Field, and get above.500 for the first time this season. One reason could be that the Cardinals haven’t beat a team with a.500 record or better this season, with some analysts stating this shows the team hasn’t proven itself yet. Now is the chance, though, with a road game against the two-time defending NFC champions.

In an interview with CBS Sports, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald made a few amusing comments about Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. His comments reportedly dealt with how Sherman might get used on defense in this game, and who he might be covering from the Cardinals’ wide receiver corps.

“I haven’t had 1,000 yards in three years. I hope he doesn’t follow me. Old, grizzly, washed-up veteran. Go follow Mike [Michael Floyd] or something, or Smoke [John Brown].Who would he follow?We’re all pretty much the same.”

Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer likes to target Fitzgerald more than the other receivers, throwing 70 balls his way compared to 51 for Brown and 37 for Floyd. Palmer missed the two games that the Cardinals played against the Seahawks in 2014, but did beat the Seahawks in 2013 at CenturyLink Field. Though he threw four interceptions in that game, he found a way to lead his team back into the game. This was while the Seahawks were on the road to winning the first Super Bowl in franchise history.

The Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals games from 2014 were rather one-sided, with the Seahawks winning at home 19-3 on November 23 and then 35-6 on the road on December 21. That could give the current team a lot of confidence coming into this Week 10 match-up. Both sides know how important this particular game is though.

In the updated NFL standings, the Cardinals (6-2) hold a two game lead over the Seahawks (4-4) and the St. Louis Rams (4-4). The Seahawks and Cardinals each lost to the Rams and beat the San Francisco 49ers in earlier NFC West games this season.

This will now be the first time the two teams have played each other. If Arizona can win this game, the team will take a commanding three game lead over the Seahawks and hold the head-to-head tie-breaker. If the Seahawks can win this game, the team pulls to within just one game of taking over the division lead.

In an update to the injury report, the Seahawks have listed running back Marshawn Lynch as questionable with an abdominal injury. If he is unable to play, backup Thomas Rawls could see a lot of additional carries. He has done well when Lynch missed time earlier in the season, so that could be a seamless change.

For the Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals game, fans can watch the live stream online on DirecTV’s live stream package. Game time is 5:30 p.m. PT / 8:30 p.m. ET with extreme playoff implications in the subtext.

[Photo by Christian Petersen / Getty Images]