The Next Big Trend In Home Theater Systems Is Here

Home theater systems have increased in popularity over the past couple decades. From surround sound to flat screen TVs, home theater seating and everything in between, consumer’s love for all things bigger, better, and louder isn’t going away anytime soon.

So what is the new trend in home theater systems? In a study done by research firm GfK in the first half of 2015, the one trend that stood out is that TVs are getting bigger and cheaper. The home theater market in general is still booming, with the ultra high definition TV sector growing the most rapidly.

The same study reported back that the most popular features for sound systems are wireless connectivity and simplicity; with all in one soundbars showing the most growth in the sound system market.

A representative from Elite Home Theater Seating, a company that specializes custom-made theater seating for residences and cinemas, said, “Home theaters aren’t going away. With the increasing popularity of McMansions, the prevalence of home theater systems and seating is also on the rise. Some of our most popular theater seating options are power recliners, ‘cuddle couches’ and luxury leather theater seating. People want home theater systems and people want home theater seating. It’s all about comfort and convenience.”

Tech Hive talked about the next big thing in home theater audio systems in a recent article. The article touted a new type of sound system better than surround system: Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. These new types of sound systems can be likened to the difference between 2D graphics and 3D graphics, and the result is immersive sound. Different than traditional audio, which plays sound with a particular speaker on a 2D plane, the new immersive audio technology treats each sound as its own individual object. For example, an airplane, a bird chirping, the sound of sizzling bacon, and so on would each be treated as their own individual objects with this new technology. The result is game-changing, completely immersive sound.

Tips for Home Theater on a Budget

The convenience of having a home theater system appeals to people of many backgrounds and financial statuses. Here are a few tips for creating your own home theater on a budget.

In short, society’s need for convenience and instant gratification has made home theater systems a mainstay. Now, they’re even more affordable than ever before.

[Photo credits to: Elite Home Theater Seating and Tech Hive]