‘Downton Abbey’ Spoilers: Will Lady Edith Get Her Happy Ending On Christmas Finale?

Final Season Spoilers Ahead!

In the final season of Downton Abbey, loose ends were supposed to be tied up, but in the last episode before the Christmas finale, many things were still up in the air for much of the Crawley family and their downstairs employees. While some members of the cast have reached the happy endings that fans wanted for them, others were left in the lurch, but can a two-hour Christmas finale tie things up satisfactorily for fans of Downton Abbey.

After the regular season finale of Downton Abbey, the Inquisitr reported that Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes had left fans more than disappointed by especially the way Lady Edith’s storyline was tidied up. It seems that Lady Edith was finally on the cusp of happiness, after her former fiancé was suddenly killed in Germany, leaving her with an unplanned pregnancy out of wedlock. But though Edith was able to keep her daughter Marigold a secret, her vicious sister, Lady Mary, couldn’t allow Edith to find happiness, and spilled the secrets to Edith’s new man. Then, to make matters worse, Fellowes gave the big finale wedding to Lady Mary, who gets a second bite at the proverbial apple.

Unreality TV is revealing it is possible that fans will be happier after the Christmas finale of Downton Abbey, which will air in the U.S. in the spring. It will be two hours long, and will have many additional guests at the Crawley house for the holiday.

“As we have previously reported Lily James has already confirmed that she will be back to reprise the role of Lady Rose for this final episode – although whether with child or not remains to be seen – and now ITV have released more famous names that are being lined up to appear with her, including her on-screen husband Atticus Aldridge, played by Matt Barber.”

And perhaps the best hope for Downton Abbey‘s forever sad sister is the fact that Lady Edith’s former beau and his mother will be making an appearance on Christmas. Will Edith finally find happiness?

“According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Patricia Hodge, the actress who played Miranda Hart’s mum in her self-titled sitcom Miranda, will be joining the cast as the stern mother of Bertie Pelham – Does that mean the wedding is back on then?”

The Telegraph revealed that there are many storylines that still need wrapping up. Fans are wondering if Henry Talbot will settle in as step-father to Master George, and if Tom Branson will get another shot at love after mourning his beloved Sybil. And then, of course, there is Lady Edith.

“In the new episode, it is said that Mary will endeavour to build bridges with her sister following their explosive argument over the betrayal. The cast of Downton spent a week filming at Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, which doubles as Brancaster Castle, the home of Pelham – implying that a reconciliation with former fiancée Edith could be on the cards.”

And then there is the relationship of the Bates family. After prison, false accusations, and rape, does Mr. Bates and Anna finally get to be happy as a family?

“It is also expected that the Christmas Day episode will see the birth of a child to Mr and Mrs Bates’ (Joanne Froggatt and Brendan Coyle). One of the central storylines had focussed on the unlucky couple’s struggle to successfully conceive after Anna suffered a string of miscarriages. With the help of a procedure by a Harley Street gynaecologist, paid for by Lady Mary, Anna was apprehensively enjoying the prospect of having a child of her own.”

And Thomas, who has been a constant villain since day one. The last fans saw Thomas, he was facing the end of the line job-wise, and had slit his wrists in the tub. Will Thomas be redeemed?

Well, it should be an eventful Christmas at Downton Abbey.

Will you watch the final season of Downton Abbey?

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