Ellie Goulding On Misogynistic Music Festivals And Avoiding Drama

British singer Ellie Goulding is one of pop music’s biggest stars and Ellie’s star is ascending. Goulding rarely holds back when it comes to speaking her mind and now Goulding has spoken out about the lack of female stars who get to headline major music festivals. Goulding also used an interview with Rolling Stone to talk about avoiding pop star feuds. Goulding admits that she scores plenty of music festival gigs but she is disappointed by the lack of female talent on show at most of them.

Ellie Goulding told Rolling Stone she was delighted to see Florence and The Machine headline Glastonbury this year but Goulding still feels that, overall, women do not get the breaks.

“I feel that there aren’t as many women representing festivals. it’s very man-heavy. I mentioned some specific festivals that are very male-band heavy. I play festivals all the time — I’ve headlined probably 50 festivals this year. Are there any other women? No, not really.”

Uproxx reports Ellie Goulding also admitted that it really gets under her skin when press about her shows focus more on what she wore than on her music. Goulding also claims she is “bothered” by the fact that she would be condemned if she wrote about a one-night-stand whereas a guy would not. This is just one example of why Goulding claims women get a raw deal in the music industry.

“As a female musician on the road, I feel like I’ve had a lot of respect, but there are certain things that are still unfair.”

“For example, when I’m in a swimsuit and I don’t look good, the media says ‘flaunts her bikini body.’ They’re desperately trying to say something negative.”

It seems Goulding is keen to concentrate on the music rather than getting involved in spats between pop stars. Music News points out that Ellie Goulding is friendly with both Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, who are widely reported to be feuding. Goulding prefers to let the rumors, most of which are untrue, go over her head.

“I read a lot of things and just go, ‘Ha!’ and laugh out loud because it’s rarely true, I don’t get involved, but I’m sure something will come up at some point with a nonexistent feud – I never know what to expect. But you just have to laugh at stuff like that.”

Ellie Goulding’s laid back approach to life keeps her on an even keel but Goulding admits that her friends and management ensure she keeps her feet firmly on the ground. Earlier this week, Goulding showed just how grounded she is when she used Instagram to express how excited she was to work with Scarlett Johansson during an American Express unstaged event.

Goulding admits that she is very open and candid when it comes to interviews because she does not wish to “be fake.” Goulding says she does manage to keep part of her life secret.

“There’s still another side of me that people don’t know. There’s still a secret side. It’s good to have a little private thing that no one knows about.”

Ellie Goulding’s third studio album release, Delirium, dropped on November 6 and is riding high on official charts across the world. Delirium is more upbeat than Goulding’s previous work. Ellie says that this is because sad songs were wearing her out.

“I instantly go to write sad songs, but the kind of emotional energy that goes into that songs gets draining. I realized that night after night I was performing songs that were making me sad all the time.”

It seems that Ellie Goulding is seemingly in a great place right now and it is a safe bet that Goulding’s star will continue to rise.

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]