Denny’s Customer Arrested Over All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes Coupon

A Chicago woman was allegedly all-in on Denny’s all-you-can-eat pancakes and wound up being taken into custody by cops in a suburb of the Windy City.

The flap over flap jacks started with a $4 all-you-can eat pancakes coupon and a misinterpretation that the deal meant all-you-can-eat for all rather than all you can eat.

The customer in question apparently was sharing her unlimited pancakes with everyone at her table at Denny’s, which violated the coupon’s rule that it only applied to one diner at a time, as the waitress advised. Evidently, this limitation was disclosed in the fine print of the coupon.

Things went sideways from there when the waitress delivered the bad news about the restaurant all-you-can eat pancake policy and the coupon-equipped customer allegedly flipped out. “[The customer], who reportedly was under the impression that her purchase meant an endless serving of piping hot pancakes for the entire table, allegedly flew into a rage when she learned otherwise, according to the Oak Lawn Police Department,” The Root reported.

Denny's restaurant exterior
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“According to the Oak Lawn Police Department, [the suspect] cursed at the waitress and threw several punches at the employee (though the blows did not land). [The suspect] and her party then left Denny’s without paying their tab, but not before she repeatedly kicked a door on the way out,” The Smoking Gun explained.

The Denny’s manager on duty or one of the other employees gave police a description of the car that the party left in, and cops in a neighboring jurisdiction pulled them over shortly thereafter.

With the police escort, the group returned to the restaurant where they were identified by Denny’s staff, and one of the members of the group who had been detained by cops paid the tab that they had left behind.

The suspect, Natasha West, 27, “was charged with assault and damage to property,” according to the Chicago Tribune. One of her companions was arrested for allegedly giving cops a false ID.

Natasha West, suspect in Denny's pancake rage incident
[Photo via Oak Lawn, Illinois, Police Department]

No one was hurt in the alleged pancake rage incident.

Back in July, in an entirely unrelated incident, a huge, late-night brawl that erupted in a Hampton, Virginia, Denny’s restaurant was captured on cell phone video. The melee apparently was prompted by a customer who was upset by slow service from a waitress rather than any dissatisfaction related to a coupon.

In April, goth rock star Marilyn Manson was punched in the face by another patron in an Alberta, Canada, Denny’s at about 2 a.m.

In a 2013 survey, Reddit users suggested that instead of “America’s diner is always open,” Denny’s real slogan should be “Because it’s, you’re drunk, and you need pancakes,” Business Insider revealed.

The Denny’s franchise, aka “America’s Diner,” operates about 1,600 restaurants in the U.S. and overseas that are open 24-7. In response to the new McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu rollout, Denny’s recently launched an ad campaign to remind consumers that it was there first in the anytime breakfast space.

“With all the recent talk surrounding all-day breakfast offerings, we wanted to simply serve up a reminder that Denny’s is the originator of all-day breakfast. Whether it’s breakfast for dinner, omelets for lunch or late-night burgers, our menu has always catered to the needs of our guests around the clock,” a Denny’s executive remarked.

Even if you didn’t read the coupon closely, do you think it is reasonable that a Denny’s customer would assume that a $4 all-you-can eat coupon covered everyone at the table?

Are you a fan of Denny’s pancakes or its menu in general?

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