Paris Terrorist Attack Video: Social Media Flooded With Pictures, Video Of Friday The 13th Attacks

Video and pictures of the Paris terrorist attack have flooded social media, with witnesses sharing firsthand pictures and video of the carnage that has taken over the French city in a series of deadly attacks.

[WARNING: The pictures and video below contain graphic and often disturbing images.]

Officials said there were at least six separate attacks in Paris, including a reported suicide bombing outside the soccer stadium Stade de France and a hostage taking at the Bataclan concert hall, where as many as 100 people may have been killed.

This terrorist attack was unlike almost any other in recent memory, with witnesses and survivors sharing firsthand accounts, including pictures and video of the Paris terrorist attack as it was happening. This gave those following online insight sometimes even before police and long before television news stations had access to the information.

Some Paris residents who lived near the attacks shared pictures of the aftermath, with bodies strewn across the street.

Others captured video of the moment the explosions rocked the Stade de France, which was playing host to a soccer match between France and Germany. One user posted on Vine a video of the match, with the blast audible in the background.

Others caught the moment of the blast on the live broadcast, with players seemingly stopping when they heard the loud noise.

Some video captured the confusing and frantic aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks, showing police and paramedics responding while people lay gravely injured.

While many shared video of the Paris terrorist attacks, others used social media to plead for help. One person who claimed to be trapped in the concert hall tried to get help, telling police to raid the hall.

“I’m still in Bataclan. Badly injured! They have to raid the place asap. There are survivors inside. They are executing everyone. One by one. 1st floor quickly!!!!”

The person later updated that he had survived, but said many others did not.

“Alive. Only small injuries… A slaughter… Corpses everywhere”

Police and security forces were able to re-take the concert hall, but it was reported that four officials, possibly police officers, were killed. The Guardian reported that a total of 118 people, many of them young people attending a rock concert being held on Friday night, were killed.

Some survivors reported that the gunmen were killing hostages one by one, with many of those inside texting friends and family and telling them to plead with police to raid the hall.

But the full extent of the terrorist attack is still coming to light, the Guardian noted.

“The Guardian is still working to verify the number and location of the attacks.

“Separately, the Paris prosecutor has spoken of six separate attacks. It is clearly a confusing picture as everyone – authorities and media included – tries to pick their way through a devastating night.”

Authorities said late on Friday that they believed all the attackers had been killed, including four inside the concert hall who blew themselves up with suicide belts as security forces closed in. But police are still hunting for accomplices.

In the wake of the attacks, Paris has been virtually shut down, with the city announcing that all public facilities are closed on Saturday and the city is instituting its first curfew since World War II.

More live video and pictures from the Paris terrorist attacks can be found here, with regular updates as well.

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