Mary-Ellen Mooney: Molesting Babysitter Tells 13-Year-Old Boy ‘It Isn’t About Size’ — But Avoids Jail

Mary-Ellen Mooney found a sympathetic judge who won’t put her behind bars for her forced sexual contact with a 13-year-old boy she was babysitting over a weekend in January. But the 19-year-old from Milton Keynes, England — a suburb about 40 miles outside of London — already paid a price of sorts when a family member of the boy she molested showed up at her home and physically attacked her.

That family member was convicted of the assault, but it took Mooney, who was 18 on January 10 (and her alleged victim was 11) when the highly inappropriate acts took place, until the very morning of what was supposed to have been her trial on the child sex charges to confess to what she did.

A judge at Amersham Crown Court said that in handing down a suspended sentence, she was taking into account Mooney’s “sad background” an the fact that the young woman had no previous criminal record despite a highly dysfunctional upbringing with an absent father and a severely alcoholic mother who died when Mooney was just 13 — and who was so incapacitated by alcoholism that Mooney was forced to spend much of her childhood as her mother’s caretaker.

Mooney’s defense lawyer said that Mooney “has accepted her guilt” and felt “deeply shameful and guilt-ridden,” but that she had possible mental health issues that caused her to have trouble recognizing what constituted sexually inappropriate behavior.

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According to prosecutors, when Mooney showed up to babysit the 13-year-old male victim — whose name was not made public — she found him with a friend playing video games in an upstairs bedroom. When she saw that both boys were wearing “onesies,” she went home and changed into a “onesie” herself.

When she returned, she enticed the victim to come downstairs, leaving his friend alone with the video games, where they would watch a movie together. But instead of watching the movie, Mooney touched the boy on his thigh, causing him to become highly uncomfortable, the Milton Keynes OneMK news site reported.

“He started to become sexually excited. He got up and went upstairs to the bedroom. As she followed, she said she was winding him up. They went back downstairs,” Prosecutor Graham Smith told the judge.

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Back downstairs, Mooney danced for the boy then forcibly kissed him. Eventually, after changing into pajamas, she sat in front of the boy with her back to him.

“She took his right hand and placed it inside her pajamas and onto her vagina area,” the prosecutor said. “She took her hand out, leaving his there, before placing her hand over his through the clothing and started to move his hand back and forth.”

Even after Mooney left the boy’s home, she continued to pursue him, sending highly suggestive messages to him via Facebook — messages that told the boy to keep what happened between them “hush-hush.”

In one message, Britain’s Daily Mirror reported, she told the boy that she believed he had “a hidden talent,” and she wanted him to “take control of me and show your dominant side” because “You are fairly mature for your age and you’re not bad looking….I think you could handle me.”

“It isn’t about size, it’s the way you use it,” Mooney told the 13-year-old boy in one Facebook message. “There’s no point having a big d*** if you don’t know how to use it.”

When she was arrested about a week later, after the boy told his family what had happened, Mooney told police that the boy himself initiated the sexual activity and also asked her to smoke pot with him.

Mary-Ellen Mooney babysitter jail Amersham Law courts
Amersham Law courts (Photo via U.K. Government Court Finder)

Mooney was sentenced to two years in prison on one count of causing a child to engage in sex acts, and one year on a count of enticing a child into sexual activity, but both sentences were suspended. Mary-Ellen Mooney was barred from having any contact with boys under 16-years-old for five years, and must register as a sex offender for the next 10 years.

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