Curiosity Rover Photographs Gigantic Alien Mouse On Mars, Says Alien Hunters

Online UFO hunters claim to have found a gigantic mouse scurrying about on rocky Martian terrain. The alleged giant alien mouse was found in a photo of the Martian terrain snapped by NASA’s Curiosity rover.

The bizarre discovery was found by Mars anomaly hunter Jason Hunter and uploaded to YouTube on November 12, 2015. It shows what looks like a gigantic mutant alien mouse scurrying about close to the horizon of the Martian landscape.

Express suggests the giant mouse was “presumably sniffing out space cheese.”

Hunter comments on his incredible discovery of advanced vermin life form on the Red Planet, saying, “There appears to be a huge mouse on Mars… This is a very strange thing as this Mouse must be gigantic.”

UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring estimates the size of the mouse at about three meters, which makes it a monstrous specimen of alien vermin.

Many would rightly wonder how the barren Martian surface is able to support a ravenous vermin three meters long. But Mars anomaly hunters will see no problems because in the world of their space research the Martian surface is teeming with life.

Waring writes, “Jason Hunter… has a skill for finding the unusual and a giant rodent on Mars is just that. It’s impossible, and yet here it is, in plain view of the rover.”

Giant Mouse On Mars
Alien Hunters Discover Giant Alien Mouse In Curiosity Rover Photo Of Martian Terrain (Image via Jason Hunter/YouTube)

He wonders how Curiosity could spy a three-meter rodent on the Martian surface and not bother to investigate to confirm the nature of the rodent; was it a real, living biological rodent, a “mouse rock,” a statue of a mouse on Mars, or an alien home that happens to have the shape of a rodent?

Shouldn’t Curiosity have investigated? Why does NASA ignore the evidence of Mars life right there in front of its rover?

“A giant rodent on Mars is just that. It’s impossible, and yet here it is, in plain view of the rover, yet, this strangely shaped mouse rock has not been investigated by the rover, or if it has, we the public, won’t know about it,” Waring writes.

But maybe the Curiosity rover investigated, but NASA, as usual, is keeping the startling results of the investigation secret because the government does not want us to know about it.

Alien Hunters Find Giant Mouse On Mars
Gigantic Alien Mouse On Mars, Says Alien Hunters (Image via Scott Waring/UFO Sightings Daily)

As Waring points out, discovery of a giant mouse on Mars should not come as a surprise to anyone. Anomaly hunters recently discovered a furry bear cub on Mars. The bear was discovered by YouTube anomaly hunter Paranormal Crucible in a photo of the Martian terrain captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover investigating the Gale Crater area of the Red Planet.

Although Waring declared the anomaly a bear walking on Mars, Paranormal Crucible described it as a “possible hybrid rodent… photographed near gale crater… a small mammal-type creature, possibly a hybrid species of gundi or prairie dog.”

Waring reported the sensational discovery to the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon out of concern that world leaders were ignoring obvious evidence of higher life forms on Mars, while NASA pretends to search for microbial life forms.

But he lamented that previous correspondence with U.N. officials suggests they don’t take him seriously because they think he is “off his rocker.”

“I often alert them about these amazing discoveries, but as of yet have gotten only one answer, which was him asking me to send it to the @UN account and not his @SecGen account, then another general at the UN followed me that same day… apparently worried I was off my rocker.”

Mars anomaly hunters claim to have found a wide variety of higher life forms on the Red Planet, including ancient dinosaurs, lizards, rats, and birds. Recently, Waring announced discovery of alien migratory birds flying across the Martian sky in a Curiosity rover photo of rock-strewn Martian terrain.

He speculated recently that NASA could be involved in a top-secret life transplant project on Mars possibly as part of preparations for setting up a human colony on the Red Planet.

But NASA has refused to comment on the recent findings. The agency insists that the claims of discovery of bizarre anomalies in rover photos are due to a psychological bug of the human mind called pareidolia, which is the tendency of the brain to detect familiar patterns in otherwise meaningless jumble of data.

[Image via Jason Hunter/YouTube]

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