Signs Lana Del Rey, Francesco Carrozzini Break Up Is Not Real

Lana Del Rey fans that are upset that she has split from her boyfriend, Francesco Carrozzini, may not need to be alarmed because little evidence has emerged to support this rumor.

On November 11, the rumors began when NY Daily News published that insiders told them that “[Lana Del Rey and Francesco Carrozzini] love each other, but she’s wanted to settle down for over a year now and he’s just not there yet.”

If evidence is needed that Francesco and Lana Del Rey are spending time together, there are a few instances online to prove it. In Cosmopolitan’s article about the Kardashians published on September 29, they noted that Francesco did the Kardashian photo shoot and Lana Del Rey showed up to hang out with him and Kim. But has this changed?

Along with several instances of the paparazzi photographing them over the summer and fall, Lana Del Rey’s boyfriend might have moved to Los Angeles. Realty Today wrote on October 21 that Francesco Carrozzini sold his New York City apartment — perhaps to be closer to Lana Del Rey.

Adding to the evidence that he is in love with Los Angeles and is possibly there with Lana Del Rey, W Magazine did an article about Francesco Carrozzini on November 6. In it, Francesco talks about how much he loves living in Los Angeles and even mentions Malibu — where Lana Del Rey lives.

Along those lines, Lana Del Rey’s presumed boyfriend Francesco is a photographer and he recently released a video for Hugo Boss called “Sincerely, L.A.” About the project, Francesco Carrozzini stated to Details on November 7, “[Los Angeles is] a place that you have to keep exploring, and so by exploring the place, you also explore things within yourself.”

Was Francesco talking about Lana Del Rey and the current rocky road in their relationship when he was talking about “exploring things within yourself”?

Of course, there is no official news out there that Lana Del Rey is absolutely single — and her boyfriend’s life online seems to offer few clues about a break up. On the other hand, online Lana Del Rey news makes it seem like she is doing well with her music and how she spends her personal time.

For instance, on Instagram, Lana Del Rey posted a photo on November 8 from an awards ceremony for the 2016 Fundamental Physics, Mathematics and Life Sciences Breakthrough Prizes at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California.

Lana Del Rey at the red carpet for the 2016 Breakthrough Prize ceremonies at NASA.
Lana Del Rey at the 2016 Breakthrough Prize Ceremony for Physics, Math, and Life Sciences. (Photo by Kimberly White/Getty Images for Breakthrough Prize)

Although her Honeymoon Instagram account has been silent since September 30, music and Lana Del Rey continue to make headlines. In particular, she recently did a cover of a Daniel Johnston song, according to Paper Mag.

NME reports on November 5 that Lana Del Rey is working with Justin Parker of “Video Games” songwriting fame on upcoming music. Furthermore, Lana Del Rey may have confirmed that with a picture of “JP” on her Instagram account on November 12.

As far as good Lana Del Rey rumors go, her boyfriend’s mother creates plenty of speculation opportunities. For instance, Franca Sozzani was recently featured in fashion news in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, because she is the Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Italia and an active collaborator with Dubai’s booming fashion industry.

Franca Sozzani and Ertharin Cousin are glamorous at the Dubai Mall event.
Franca Sozzani and Ertharin Cousin (Executive Director of the U.N. Food Program) attend the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience 2015 at Armani Hotel Dubai. (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for Vogue and The Dubai Mall)

According to Arab News, Lana Del Rey’s potential future mother-in-law stated that “Dubai now is the land of opportunities, especially in the artistic field.” Could this mean that Lana Del Rey will make Dubai more a part of her life?

Adding to this, the Saudi Gazette states Sozzani said the following.

“Right from the first edition of Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience, we have been placing a firm emphasis on the event to serve as a magnet for new talent and creativity. VFDE has not only positioned Dubai and The Dubai Mall as referral points in the global fashion dialogue but also serve as a platform to nurture emerging talents.”

Interestingly, Lana Del Rey’s music may be reflecting a lot of the philosophies of Francesco’s mother — or Francesco’s mother may be asking Lana Del Rey to read between the lines.

In particular, in a Business Fashion article from November 4, they interviewed Franca Sozzani and asked her questions about her personal life. When asked to define what it means to have “quality of life,” Sozzani stated the following.

“For me, it’s all inside. How you are. If you are superficial; if you want to be part of this glamorous world — that is only apparently glamorous — you completely lose yourself, because there will always be [people] younger than you, more beautiful than you, more talented than you. So you’re just running in the wrong direction and you get lost.”

Franca Sozzani goes on to say something that Lana Del Rey may also be thinking about when she states, “For me, my priority and my life is [Francesco Carrozzini]. So you have to make a choice, but to make these choices doesn’t mean that you have to give up your life.”

[Picture by Kimberley White/Stringer/Getty Images]