Secret Service Officer Arrested: Lee Robert Moore Sent Penis Pic To Undercover Cop

A Secret Service officer has been arrested and charged with sex crimes after being caught with his pants down during an undercover sting.

The texts Secret Service officer Lee Robert Moore is accused of sending to what he thought was a 14-year-old girl are disturbing. According to law enforcement, he texted what turned out to be an undercover detective for 10 weeks and often sent dirty texts while at work, ABC News reported.

Moore, 37, was arrested on Monday after surrendering to authorities, the Associated Press added. He was charged by the state of Delaware with sexual solicitation of a child under 18 and providing obscene material to a person under 18. He was also arrested on a federal charge of attempted transfer of obscene material to a minor.

The previous Friday, the Secret Service officer’s online dalliance with the Delaware State Police detective came to an abrupt end when his security clearance was suspended, he was suspended, and his equipment commandeered. That day, the incident was reported to the Secret Service Agency’s Office of Professional Responsibility.

That weekend, the Secret Service officer texted the undercover trooper/teenager to tell her they shouldn’t talk anymore. After he was arrested, he admitted to snapping and sending explicit pictures of himself and communicating with not just the trooper, but other minor girls, according to Patrick McCall, a special agent with Homeland Security Investigations.

“In particular, Moore stated that he had an (sic) sexual interest in 14 year-old females and had engaged such individuals in online chats about sexual matters.”

The details behind what the arrested Secret Service officer allegedly did are shocking. It all began in August, when a joint state and federal investigation began with an uncover trooper assuming the profile of a 14-year-old girl on an application called Meet24. Eventually, an adult male from Maryland, aged 30, starting chatting her up, and the conversation soon moved to a messaging app called Kik, which allows users to send pictures.

Though the Secret Service officer became suspicious at one point and stopped talking to the supposed 14-year-old, the conversations soon continued and grew increasingly filthy. Some of this conversation took place while he was on duty at the White House. In that text, he complained that “work sucks today” and asked the girl to send him something exciting.

“Moore soon moved the chats sexual,” Detective Kevin McKay wrote in an affidavit. “He stated he wanted to travel to Delaware and meet in person for sex. Moore made it clear that he knew I was a 14 yr old girl.”

The New York Daily News provided more explicit details about what allegedly took place between the Secret Service officer and what he thought was a teenager. He often begged her to send him pictures of herself wearing only her underwear and asked to meet her in a park near Dover Air Force Base wearing a skirt. The arrested Secret Service officer also sent a picture of his erect penis.

Secret Service officer arrested after sex crime sting
In October 2014, after Dominic Adesanya jumped two layers of security fence and onto the north lawn of the White House, a Secret Service officer patrols in front of White House. [Photo By Mark Wilson / Getty Images]

In the more shocking of Moore’s texts, he told the girl he wanted to give her several orgasms and tried teaching her how to masturbate, and said in another “I would take immense pleasure in pulling those shorts off your hips and down your cute little legs” and “All you have to do is enjoy it, tell me how much you’re enjoying it, and moan when it feels good.”

For these dirty messages, Moore will appear in a preliminary hearing Friday and the Secret Service is assuring that it takes the accusation of criminal activity “very seriously.” The agency has had plenty of controversial and criminal incidents to mull over recently, including a man who jumped the White House fence and managed to get into to the building and two agents caught snoozing on the job in October.

In April, a Secret Service supervisor was put on administrative leave after another employee filed a sexual assault complaint; in June, another agent was suspended for sexting while he was supposed to be protecting the First Lady; and in 2012, 11 agents were famously busted for dalliances with hookers in Colombia.

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