Hillary Clinton Supporter Wants To Strangle Carly Fiorina [Video]

At a Hillary Clinton veterans’ roundtable in New Hampshire, a man who identified himself as a laid-off Hewlett-Packard employee declared that he wants to “reach through” and strangle Carly Fiorina when he sees her on TV.

Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the audience belly-laughed at her supporter’s remarks. See clip below.

Fiorina, the former Hewlettt-Packard CEO, is a 2016 Republican presidential hopeful.

Along with U.S. Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, Fiorina also got high marks for her GOP debate performance on the Fox Business Network Tuesday night.

Conservatives have insisted that this strange “strangle” statement would have been headline news in heavy rotation across many media platforms if some weirdo at a GOP town hall meeting had used similar violent rhetoric against Hillary Clinton.

For example, you may recall that when some random dude — who might have been a plant and not even a supporter — accused Barack Obama of being a Muslim at a Donald Trump rally, the mainstream media demanded that Trump and all the other GOP candidates apologize as if they were individually and collectively responsible.

On Wednesday evening’s O’Reilly Factor on FNC, Carly Fiorina addressed herself to the male Clinton supporter’s shout-out that he — at least figuratively speaking — wanted to strangle her.

“First, I can understand why someone who was laid off would feel badly about it. It was a very tough time…we had to make some very tough calls to save 80,000 jobs. I don’t take umbrage with him. I don’t even take umbrage with Mrs. Clinton. I do take umbrage with the clear double standard that exists in the media…if this had happened with a conservative candidate, the liberal media would be all over us to correct him, to apologize, and all the rest of it…news flash: the media is biased; this isn’t anything new, and we just have to deal with it…”

The Republican National Committee separately issued the following statement about the incident.

“By laughing off a male questioner’s desire to strangle Carly Fiorina, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have lost all credibility claiming to be a party that stands up for women. Jokes about committing violence against women are always in poor taste and should be condemned very time.”

Carly Fiorina
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The Hillary Clinton campaign responded that the man wasn’t what might amount to an army of one in the war on women, but “was using a figure of speech that should not be taken literally.”

Even Joy Behar of The View, an outspoken liberal who presumably is supporting the Democrat frontrunner, insisted that Hillary Clinton was wrong to treat the episode like a big joke. “Let’s be fair — if someone had said that to Donald Trump and he had laughed, we would be ripping him a new one. She should have stood up to him. I’m sorry, I have to say that.” Behar and company may have been sensitive to the fact that they’ve been engaged in a feud with Carly Fiorina and were trying to avoid seeming like hypocrites.

The View panelists opened themselves up to the hypocrisy charge by mocking Carly Fiorina for “looking demented” and seemingly wearing a “Halloween mask” during the GOP debate on CNBC. Ironically, The View crew blasted Fiorina rival Trump for negative comments about Fiorina’s features in a Rolling Stone interview, which The Donald subsequently recanted during GOP debate No. 2 on CNN after insisting that he was actually referring to her persona.

Earlier this month, Fiorina, who is a cancer survivor, said “My message to the ladies of The View is ‘man up.’ If you want to debate me on policies…man up and debate me on them. But don’t sink to talking about my face,” she remarked on FNC at the time.

“There is nothing more threatening to the liberal media in general and Hillary Clinton in particular than a conservative woman,” she added.

Carly Fiorina supporter holding Carly for American sign in New Hampshire
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Fiorina was booked on the November 6 show, and footage of the candidate sparring with The View ladies is embedded below.

Given this incident involving the male Hillary Clinton supporter who wanted to choke out Carly Fiorina even in jest, do you think the media is engaging in a double standard about what it finds offensive?

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