‘American Horror Story’ With Lady Gaga Continues Its Ratings Decline And Becomes Running Twitter Joke

While it may not be fair to completely associate this season’s (relative) failure of American Horror Story with Lady Gaga, she may want to disassociate herself from the series, which has continued to drop in ratings this week. Headline Planet has the news.

“Unlike last week’s episode, Wednesday’s ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ did not face competition from ABC’s highly rated CMA Awards broadcast.”

However, the news gets even worse. Headline Planet reports that per Nielsen cable data, Wednesday’s episode drew a 1.40 adults 18-49 rating with a total of 2.637 million total viewers. These numbers trail those of last week’s episode. It appears that since the October 7 premiere, every American Horror Story: Hotel installment has suffered major losses.

American Horror story has become a running joke on Twitter.

Then, there are the reviews of Wednesday night’s episodes. The New York Times thinks there is a problem with the plot.

“Liz Taylor and the Countess’s latest boy toy, Tristan, have not said more than of handful of lines to each other thus far, yet in this episode we see them so desperately in love with each other, they are willing to tempt the Countess’s wrath. Even Denis O’Hare’s lovely acting can’t save this plotline that ends as quickly as it begins.”

CarterMatt wasn’t very impressed either with this episode.

“After everything that we saw on ‘American Horror Story: Hotel‘ this past week with the crazy school and with Iris taking hipsters, was it too much to ask for more of the same on these stories? Apparently.”

Lady Gaga AHS Lady Gaga has been mocked for her acting on “American Horror Story.” [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Though critics and viewers have been very unkind when it comes to Lady Gaga’s acting abilities, she says, in an interview with Variety, that she still wants to be taken seriously as an actress.

“It’s always been so important to me that if I were to ever to make a move in television or as an actress that it would never feel like a move and nobody would ever go, ‘Oh, here she is trying to become an actress and put out a clothing line and a record label.’ I don’t give a f—k about that. It is completely unfulfilling to me. It does nothing for my soul. What I did want was to be taken seriously as an actress.”

Let’s just hope that Lady Gaga doesn’t read the comments on Twitter in regard to her “acting abilities.”

One has to give Lady Gaga a lot of credit for trying though. Not many pop stars have successful careers as actresses. Madonna may have won a Golden Globe, but most of her movies have been poorly received. Of course, there are exceptions such as Barbara Streisand, who has a whole slew of hit movies as an actress and even a director. Perhaps Lady Gaga could be a good actress, but needs something better than American Horror Story to show off her skills.

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