$63 Million Lottery Ticket: Unclaimed California Lottery Ticket Worth $63M Set To Expire

A winning $63 million lottery ticket in California is still unclaimed since numbers were drawn on August 8. The California Lottery is hoping that the winner of this SuperLotto Plus ticket will come forward before it expires in February.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the $63 million lottery ticket was sold in August at 7-Eleven store, at 20871 Lassen St., in Chatsworth. No one seems to have claimed the huge chunk of money that will make them a lot richer.

Lottery spokesman Alex Traverso says that time is running out for the lottery ticket winner to claim his or her prize.

“That’s pretty rare, especially with the amount of money it is,” Traverso says.

The winner of the $63 million lottery ticket has until February 4 to turn it in. The matching numbers drawn for the huge prize is 46-1-33-30-16 and a Mega ball number of 24.

Lottery officials are urging lottery players to look for the SuperLotto Plus ticket in their wallets, kitchen drawer, cars, and other hidden spots where receipts and things like that tend to get lost.

There’s no way to know who holds the winning lottery ticket worth $63 million. Officials say they could search through surveillance video footage from the 7-Eleven store, but if the footage is off by even 30 or 45 seconds, the mystery won’t be solved. Traverso says that it’s not “100 percent reliable.”

If a winner comes forward with the $63 million lottery ticket, either a lump-sum payment of $39.9 million will be doled out or 30 years in payments will be issued, depending on which payment terms the winner chooses.

According to NBC Los Angeles, it’s possible that the person who purchased the ticket was “passing through.”

It seems that the winner of this SuperLotto Plus ticket simply misplaced it. Lottery officials are hoping the ticket will surface for the winner, but Traverso says that “stranger things have happened.”

According to the report, one ticket holder had no idea he won big until he found the ticket in his glove box five months after buying it. The ticket was worth $23 million.

If the ticket worth $63 million isn’t turned in, it’ll be the largest unclaimed prize in California Lottery history. The largest unclaimed prize for SuperLotto Plus was $28.5 million back in 2003. It was sold in San Lorenzo.

The 7-Eleven store that sold the winning ticket will still receive $315,000 even if no one claims the prize.

According to National Lottery Online, SuperLotto Plus has five numbers to choose from 1 to 47, together with a Mega ball number from 1 to 27.

“The game has eight prize levels, each of which mostly depends on the amount of guessed numbers,” according to the rules. “Total odds guessed number is multiplied by the number of turns prize amount won.

“This Lottery gives players a good chance of winning, as opposed to other lotteries. If we take into account the national lottery, the difference is very noticeable.If you are the lucky winner of this game, then you’ve two options for receiving your prize. You could take a single payment, in which case the amount of your prize will be lower than that specified in the victory, as you’ve to pay a tax. Another option — is to divide the prize for 26 years and receive a small amount each year.”

Drawings for the SuperLotto Plus games are held on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

If lottery players believe that they have the winning $63 million lottery ticket, they should visit their local lottery office as soon as possible.

[Photo Credit: California Lottery/Twitter]

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