Woody Allen Talks About To Rome With Love

The elusive director Woody Allen has made it a decade creating foreign films that is leading him to a new era in his filmmaking. On June 22nd Sony Pictures will release his latest foreign effort. This time the director has decided to feature the winding roads of Italy in, To Rome With Love.

Speaking to the associated press, Allen said, “I wanted nothing more than to be a foreign filmmaker. Of course I was from Brooklyn, which was not a foreign country. Through a happy accident I wound up being a foreign filmmaker because I couldn’t raise money any other way.”

His latest effort which he both directs and stars in is described as a European film, bringing together the dizzying adventures in love between a myriad of talents including Alec Baldwin, Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page, and Penelope Cruz, alongside Woody himself.

When asked why he had picked Italy to be the main mis-en-scene for his newest adventure, Allen said, “My group was hardly an intellectual group — it was a group of mugs.” Adding: “Italian movies were a great staple of our cultural diet. They were a tremendous influence in terms of showing us that one could make movies about mature subjects with profound themes.”

In the past Woody Allen has produced hits like Annie Hall, Midnight in Paris, Sweet and Lowdown, and Manhattan. Recently he was nominated by the academy for his screenwriting efforts in Midnight in Paris.

Will you be seeing To Rome With Love? What do you think of Allen’s contribution to European film? Sound off here!

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