Matt Lauer Joins Twitter, Successfully Tweets About Nothing But Justin Bieber

Genius! That is all I need to say about Matt Lauer’s Twitter strategy upon his first day using the social network. Lauer joined the social network on Friday morning and his first four messages have all been about Justin Bieber and it is paying off big time.

In less than half a day Matt Lauer has managed to attract more than 90,000 Twitter followers thanks to Justin Bieber asking his 23 million followers to head over to The Today Show hosts Twitter page for a quick follow.

Based on current numbers the morning show host is receiving 2,000 followers per minute.

At this time Lauer is only following the @TodayShow account, which surprises us given his apparent Twitter love fest with the Biebs.

The launch of his social network presence on Twitter could not have come at a better time since Justin Bieber was playing an outdoor concert on The Today Show this morning. Coincidence? More like a stroke of genius.

If you are trying to gain instant celebrity on Twitter the easiest path to making that happen is to have other Twitter users convince their follows that you are worth following, in fact that is the entire premise behind the #FF (Follow Friday) movement.

So how exactly did Justin Bieber help Matt Lauer attract thousands of fans per minute? He sent this simple tweet:

And it all started because Matt Lauer had tweeted:

Like I said before Matt Lauer could be a Twitter genius who understands the important of properly trending a topic at just the right moment, then again he would have likely attracted plenty of Twitter followers among his millions of fans once they realized he had taken to the social platform.

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