Angry Christian Activist Confronts Katy Perry’s Dad, Claims Pop Singer Is A ‘Satanic Woman’

An angry Christian activist confronted Katy Perry’s dad at a Christian radio station in Phoenix, Arizona, claiming his daughter “has sex with demons” and is satanic.

The incident occurred when a woman, identified only as Christine, approached Katy Perry’s father, Keith Hudson, outside of the Phoenix Christian radio station. Christine called him and his wife out, as though she wanted to have a civil discussion with the pair. Once Katy Perry’s father acknowledged who he was, Christine blurted out accusations that his daughter is a satanic woman that has sex with demons, according to Metro.

“Do you know [your daughter] is one of the most wicked people? She is a satanic woman who has led millions to hell.”

Christine’s rampage seems to have been aroused at her son’s gravitation toward Katy Perry’s music, which she deems unacceptable for her son’s ears and eyes. She was quick to point out that Keith Hudson, a preacher, and his wife, allowed Katy Perry to grow up into an evil demon despite their godly teachings.

Christine took the opportunity to record the entire encounter before uploading it to the internet for everyone to view.