New Book Claims Casey Anthony Had Daughter’s Body In Trunk For 5 Days

There have never really been answers about what happened with Casey Anthony when her daughter went missing. A new book is now out about Anthony that was written by Dominic Casey, a private eye the family hired. This new book tells a lot about the case from what he found while investigating Casey Anthony and trying to figure out what happened to her daughter, Caylee. Radar Online shared what this new book will reveal. This book actually claims that Casey Anthony drove around with her daughter in the car for five days before getting rid of the body.

The book says that Casey Anthony spent some time online searching for various things on Monday, June 16, 2008. She was looking up things about suicide and suffocation. The book shares that next, Casey Anthony put Caylee into her swimsuit and then drowned her little girl. After that, he accuses Casey of taking her daughter’s body and putting it into the trunk of her car. He shared that Casey put her into bags in her trunk and then shared terrible details.

“Body fluids had leaked out from the black garbage bags into the laundry bag, the trunk and onto … Casey’s clothes, her black boots and the white trash bag.”

The book goes on to say that Casey Anthony finally took her daughter’s body and dumped it, but after that, Anthony called a friend and explained that something in her car smelled like something died in her car. Of course, Casey never admitted to any of this happening. This is all information that he discovered during investigating Casey Anthony, while trying to help her family find out what happened to Caylee and get some closure.

If you are interested in all of the details that this private investigator is sharing, then you will want to read the new Casey Anthony book. It is already available on Amazon, and it is called Privilege Waived — Part II: Remember Me? This book will reveal a lot more about Casey Anthony than just what has been shared already. The book is available to read for free. Of course, Casey hasn’t shared her thoughts on the book, or what it has to say about her, and probably never will speak out. This is not the first book he has written, and probably won’t be the last, either, about Casey Anthony.

The reviews on this book about Casey Anthony are great, and it sounds like you can learn a lot from it. A person named HappyMomof2 gave the book a great review and makes it sound like you will learn a lot about the Casey Anthony case that you never heard before.

“This book filled in a lot of blanks and answered a lot of questions for me. The author gives a very specific and thorough timeline that supports what 99 [percent] of America already believed to be true. The most incredible part of the read for me was seeing in print just how deceptive Casey was. The information pertaining to Baez reaffirmed what I had read elsewhere and learned through the news. While the jury may have given a ‘not guilty’ verdict and Casey’s lies may have saved her from a lifetime behind bars, I’m not sure that she really ‘won.’ Being listed with the likes of Jodi Arias as one of the most hated people in America isn’t exactly a victory.”

Casey Anthony has really stayed out the public eye since she got out of court back in 2011. Back in May, Radar Online shared photos of Anthony out walking. Even since then, Casey Anthony has pretty much stayed out of the eyes of cameras and is just living her life behind closed doors.

Casey Anthony was actually acquitted of first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter in the death of her daughter Caylee in 2011.

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