Sheree Whitfield Spills Embarrassing Details On Kenya Moore’s Property, Says Phaedra Parks’ ‘Oatmeal Pie Face’ Description Of Kenya Giving Her Life

The war of words between Sheree Whitfield and Kenya Moore is still continuing. On Thursday morning, both Sheree and Kenya posted their blog posts to talk about what happened on the Season 8 premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Not surprisingly, both women had a lot to say about their intense meeting at Cynthia Bailey’s eyewear line party.

On her blog, Sheree gave more details about the property that Kenya purchased in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood, which is coincidentally near Sheree’s mansion, dubbed Chateau Sheree, that is still currently under construction. According to Sheree, when Kenya supposedly talked to the neighbors about Chateau Sheree, she really should’ve talked to them about the property that she just brought because then she may have learned a few useful things. Echoing what she said on the episode, Sheree said that Kenya’s property is actually on a flood plain, has a cracked foundation, and is full of mold due to repeated floods. Sheree added that a lot of potential buyers have backed out from the house, and everyone in the neighborhood knows to steer clear of the property.

“Not sure what so-called ‘neighbors’ Kenya spoke to about me, but what she should have discussed with them was the house she purchased that everyone in ‘the neighborhood’ knows to steer clear of! Now as a smart business woman, instead of being all up in someone else’s business, she should have inquired about the home she purchased in the flood plain. She should have asked the so-called neighbors, ‘Is my house really sinking off the back hill? What should I do about this cracked foundation? How long has all of this mold been here? It’s everywhere! How many floods can and have this house sustained? Should I keep scuba gear on deck? Why have there been so many buyers in the last year or two? Should I just start from scratch and tear this down? How will my guest get down my driveway without injuring themselves?… Girl, bye.”

As for why Kenya immediately started negative talk with her at Cynthia’s party despite not even knowing her, Sheree wrote that Kenya was desperate to come after the show veteran.

At least Sheree Whitfield has someone on her side when it comes to Kenya Moore. When the scene between Kenya and Sheree began to air, a clip of Phaedra Parks warning Kenya in an interview to not go after Sheree was played. Phaedra made fun of Kenya’s skin with a very creative description.

“Boo boo, darling, oatmeal pie face. Shereé would not be the one to mess with.”

Sheree wrote in her blog that Phaedra’s nickname for Kenya is giving her life.

“Wait, I have to say that Phaedra Parks was giving me my life! Absolutely hilarious! #OatmealPieFace.”

Sheree ended her blog post with a series of hashtags that made fun of Kenya’s property, which Kenya calls Moor Manor, including “#ChateauSheree vs #MoldManor,” “#Ditch,” and “#ThatDrivewayIsADeathTrap.” Sheree also included hashtags that declared her triumphant return to the show: “#ShereeIsBack,” “#TheReturnOfSheree,” “#WhoGonCheckMeBoo.”

Not one to stay silent, Kenya Moore wrote in her blog that she should have started a Kickstarter campaign to help Sheree finish building her house. Maybe Kenya will still start one?

“When I stated the obvious ongoing issues, Sheree took to unnecessary jabs at my home. Things escalated from there because I touched on a sensitive subject. We are both strong women and prideful. I could have taken the high road and simply offered to start a Kickstarter campaign for her to finish building her house. Sheree came for me … what did you expect from Twirl?”

Kenya also blasted Phaedra for calling her “oatmeal pie face,” pointing that she should probably concentrate on some other things going on in her life.

“Between Apollo calling collect from prison and raising two boys alone, Phaedra found time to attack me by calling me ‘oatmeal pie face.’ I guess we can add ‘hater’ to her many jobs …”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Sheree and Kenya traded jabs at one another on Twitter as the season premiere aired.

The “shade” between Sheree Whitfield and Kenya Moore will likely continue for at least one more week. The premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta ended with Sheree looking as if she’s about to attack Kenya after Kenya called her a “b**ch” and the other housewives trying their best to intervene.

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