Kenya Moore And Sheree Whitfield Throw Jabs On Twitter: #Mooremanor Vs. #ChateauSheCantPay

Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield continued their feud on social media as the Season 8 premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired on Sunday night. Both Kenya and Sheree threw jabs at one another over their house drama.

As the scene aired, Sheree tweeted for Kenya to go away. Sheree remarked that Kenya can’t afford to pay her light bill.

Sheree then remarked that Kenya better be careful with her new house since asbestos and mold causes cancer.

Like Sheree, Kenya was also tweeting as the episode aired. Kenya, who attended a viewing party with Cynthia Bailey and Marlo Hampton, tweeted a video of her and Marlo laughing about the fight, which Kenya dubbed Moore Manor vs. Chateau She Can’t Pay. In the video, Marlo says that it was funny and “messy boots” that Kenya told Sheree that the neighbors were gossiping about her house and to pitch a tent.

Kenya also tweeted a shot of her laughing over the shade she gave Sheree.

Yet Kenya also showed that she’s in on the laughs. She retweeted several people’s tweets that made fun of her house and thinking that it’s much better than Sheree’s house. She also retweeted a fan’s tweet that said that Kenya is bringing the drama for ratings.

The drama between Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield started before they even came face to face. Earlier in the episode, Kenya showed Cynthia around her new house in the Buckhead area. Coincidentally, Kenya’s house is close by Sheree’s mansion, dubbed Chateau Sheree, that has been under construction for years. While Kenya’s own home needs a lot of work before she can move in, she believes that her situation is not comparable to Sheree’s. Kenya implied that Sheree’s unfinished house is due to dire financial troubles by joking that she’ll make nice with Sheree since Sheree may need to borrow some money from her.

“She might need to borrow some coffee from me, or some money for a light bill.”

Cynthia joked in her confessional interview that Sheree’s Chateau Sheree is still better than Kenya’s Moore Manor.

“Who were the previous owners, Freddie Kreuger or Jason? If I had to spend the night at Chateau Sheree or Moore Manor, I’m going to the Chateau. For the obvious reasons!”

Later on in the episode, the entire group meets up at Cynthia Bailey’s eyewear line launch party. Sheree, accompanied by Marlo Hampton, walks over to where the housewives are standing and greets everyone. Kenya, who joined The Real Housewives of Atlanta after Sheree left the show, tells Sheree that they met before, an incident that Sheree seemed to have forgotten. When Porsha Williams asks Sheree about Chateau Sheree, Sheree replies that it’s going and that things like that take time. The atmosphere immediately sours when Kenya says that the entire neighborhood has been talking and complaining about Sheree’s unfinished home.

“[The neighbors] have been complaining… the whole neighborhood has been asking about the house.”

An infuriated Sheree says that people who have never built a house before can just keep renting.

“Anybody who has built a house before, then they can probably come to me but if they have not, then keep renting.”

Kenya fires back that her family has a construction business in Detroit, so she knows that a house can be built from the ground up in six months. Sheree turns the tables on Kenya, asking if she hasn’t moved into her own house yet because it’s moldy.

“Have you moved in? Okay. You have to do a lot of work to it. Is it mold in there?”

The two women start yelling and throwing insults at one another. Sheree calls Kenya’s property a “mold-infested house.” Sheree says that Kenya should not be in her business and sarcastically asks the other women if she has called them for loans. After Sheree continues to say that no one should be in her business, Kenya throws another jab.

“The only one in your business is the city because it’s not finished.”

Sheree then yells that she hopes that Kenya, whom she calls “a b**ch,” can swim cause she’s about to land in the water. Sheree then yells that Kenya’s house is in “a f**king ditch” and that Chateau Sheree has actually increased the area’s property value, including Kenya’s ditch. Kenya responds that at least she won’t be in a tent.

“And I’ll be in the ditch in three months and you will still be in a tent outside cause your b**ch a** can’t move in.”

At that moment, Sheree screams that Kenya has her “all f**ked up” and looks as if she’s about to lunge at Kenya. The other housewives yell at them to stop and try to intervene.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 premiere episode suddenly ends with the cliffhanger. Will Sheree Whitfield or Kenya Moore be the one to throw the most shade by the end of the party? Will Kenya stay dry? Episode 2 of Season 8 airs on Bravo next Sunday, November 15, at 8 p.m. ET.

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