'Batman V Superman' Cast: Producer Charles Roven Talks About Balancing Everyone Out

The Batman v Superman cast seems to have been solidified, even if some of Zack Snyder's choices for roles have been questionable. Even though some still have their doubts, Ben Affleck, Jesse Eisenberg, and Gal Gadot seem to have settled in everyone's minds for their roles.

We will likely see more of these roles in the upcoming trailer, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Producer Charles Roven insists that they'll be balanced out as new footage is due to arrive in a trailer soon.

Ben Affleck's role as Batman isn't a follow-up to the one played by Christian Bale, but Charles Roven did have a large role in setting up both Christopher Nolan's version and the new DC Cinematic Universe. We can probably expect more of that gritty feel as the universe expands beyond Man of Steel and prepares us for a whole new Justice League with the Batman V Superman cast.

The new Batman is said to be an older character, more world-weary but still bent on brutal justice. The new Wonder Woman seems to be following the same pattern, with Gal Gadot playing a more grounded version of Diana. She's an Amazon who may be fighting some Greek gods, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

For every character involved, Charles Roven is attempting to give them key roles in an attempt to become a natural rival to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has a lot of pressure to get it right as well. Marvel has two phases already finished and is now starting on a third with a new lineup of Avengers. DC only has Man of Steel and the still vivid memory of the first successful Batman series ever made on film.

Charles and Zack will need to make us forget about Superman Returns and Joel Schumacher's Batman films. With some unlikely names set for the Batman v Superman cast, it appears they are looking to shake everything up.

Charles Roven talked about how he's attempting to mirror the MCU, according to Collider.

"I think like any genre, the movies have to be good and you have to keep the audience engaged. One of the things that we're doing when we're bringing together the DC Justice League Universe is we're creating not only stories that work for the individual film but they have some resonance to the other films that we're doing."

The DC film producer also realizes that the key to making a good film in general is making Batman v Superman's cast of heroes relatable. If you can see a bit of yourself in Batman or Wonder Woman, the film will be that much more interesting to you. If the character seems lofty and impossible to the point that they're almost inhuman, you get what Zack Snyder wrestled with in Man of Steel. Making Superman relatable was a matter of exposing his feelings toward his two fathers, on Earth and on Krypton.

They are also taking a big risk bringing in Ben Affleck after the only superhero he'd ever played before made him one of the most hated actors in Hollywood. Daredevil was a mess of bad CGI and cheesy acting, combined with the problem that the parts which were cut actually made the movie better when added back in.

Charles Roven explained how he wants to continue the emotional connection that Man of Steel had. While the movie is about Batman and Superman as the title suggests, he's hoping that the Batman v Superman cast as a whole will have at least one character we can all relate to.

Roven believes that in that way, the film might transcend labels and be "genre proof."

[Image via Warner Bros.]