‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Liz Scrambles, Jake Connects, And Sam Struggles

This has been a wild week on General Hospital, and spoilers indicate that Thursday’s episode will be filled with drama as well. The news is out that Jake Doe is Jason Morgan, but that doesn’t mean everything is back to normal in Port Charles. Where are things headed in the November 12 episode?

Viewers saw on Wednesday that Carly and Jake shared the news with Sonny, though Jake was feeling quite frustrated that he doesn’t remember his relationships with these people who were so central in Jason’s life. In addition, Lulu made an impulsive decision to kiss Dillon while both Nina and Maxie took gigs at Julian’s magazine.

As She Knows Soaps teases, Sam and Patrick will be trying to sort through what comes next now that they know Jason is alive. Though Patrick and Sam had been planning a life together, that obviously is mucked up a bit now. General Hospital spoilers have teased that Patrick will be calling Robin very soon to tell her all that has happened, and there have been reports that additional changes are on the way for Dr. Drake.

Though Jason doesn’t remember his life with Sam, she is struggling with her feelings and is not sure what to do next. General Hospital spoilers indicate that this continues in Thursday’s show. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Liz is going to get pretty territorial over Sam in regards to Jake in this November 12 show.

Liz saw Sam when she brought Jason’s motorcycle over to the house and invited him to visit Danny whenever he wanted. General Hospital spoilers share that Liz will go to Patrick as a result, telling him to keep Sam away from Jake. Liz is scrambling to keep a tight hold on Jake now, but viewers can be sure it’ll come out that she knew he was Jason and that it will eventually catch up with her in some way.

General Hospital spoilers detail that while Liz will be determined to keep Sam and Jake apart, Patrick may seem more resigned to how this will play out. In addition, Sam will talk with Alexis about whether she is still legally married to Jason, given that he had been legally declared dead. What will Alexis’ answer be?

Teasers indicate that Sam and Patrick will have a difficult conversation in Thursday’s episode. Will they officially split or will they try to hold on as all of the dust from the Jason reveal settles? General Hospital spoiler previews for the week have teased a moment of fireworks between Sam and Jason, but so far it’s not known when or how that happens. It has been said this will be a long road ahead despite the reveal and that Jake may stay with Liz for the foreseeable future.

Viewers will also see Jake tell little Jake who he really is in Thursday’s show. Of course, little Jake has already seemingly known this, or felt it, and some wonder just what little Jake truly knew as a result of his time with Helena. From the looks of things, there may be some not-to-be-missed scenes involving Monica on Thursday’s show as well, which surely revolve around Monica learning that her son Jason is still alive.

Also ahead on Thursday’s show, Jordan and Anna talk, Valerie and Dante chat, and the two learn that they will have to work on an assignment together. Viewers will also see what comes next after that kiss Lulu and Dillon shared. Will she pull back and realize what a mistake it was, or will she give in to make something more of this? This situation could get quite messy in the episodes to come from the sounds of things.

What will happen with Liz, Sam, Jason, and Patrick as the fallout on the Jason Morgan reveal continues? Will Lulu and Dante find their way back to one another? Fans can’t wait to see what comes next as the chaos continues on General Hospital.

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