‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Learns About Jason, Lulu Gets Impulsive, And Nina Goes Job Hunting

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s episode indicate that there is more drama and heartbreak to come in Port Charles. Jake Doe knows he is Jason Morgan now, but that doesn’t mean that he will jump back into his old life. There is said to be plenty on the way in this November 11 episode regarding Lulu, as well, and viewers are curious to see what comes next for her.

According to She Knows Soaps, Lulu will be making a decision in Wednesday’s episode that could leave viewers shaking their heads. She is obviously in a fragile and emotional state after learning that Dante slept with Valerie, and she probably should not be making any big decisions right now. Just what will she be doing?

There has been some talk that perhaps Lulu will decide to move ahead on the embryo plantation on her own, but General Hospital spoiler previews also appear to tease a kiss ahead between Lulu and Dillon. While Dillon engineered this big reveal that embarrassed Lulu, she may throw caution to the wind in the midst of her grief over Dante and give Dillon a bit of a chance. It is also known that Lulu’s mother, Laura, will have a talk with Dante in Wednesday’s show, as well.

Sonny lost custody of Avery to Ava in Tuesday’s show, and there is some fallout from that in this November 11 episode. General Hospital spoilers indicate though he blames Carly to an extent, she will be looking to divert his attention. She wants him to learn the news about Jason, and she wants Jake to be with her as she tells Sonny.

While it seems that Sonny will be quite emotional over this big revelation, Jake struggles as he simply doesn’t remember the connection the two men shared. Sonny will quickly reach out to bring Jake back into the business, but since Jake doesn’t remember any of that life, he is said to refuse.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Dante will have a chat with his father during this show, as well. Will Dante be able to find a way to earn another shot with Lulu? In addition, apparently Carly will talk about having a plan to still gain custody of Avery, as Sonny is shaken that he lost the hearing.

Things are in a very delicate place for Sam and Patrick right now. As viewers have seen, Sam is shaken over learning that Jake is Jason, and this leaves Patrick a bit shuffled to the side. General Hospital spoilers tease that Patrick will be calling Robin, seemingly to fill her in on the latest about Jason. Could there be more yet to come regarding Robin and Patrick? It is known that something will be changing with Patrick soon, but fans will have to stay tuned to learn more.

Wednesday’s show also brings what should be some light-hearted moments. Nina wants a job, but given her past, this may be a bit tricky. General Hospital spoilers detail that Nina may turn to Julian for some help on this front, angling to work for his paper in the fashion section. There is also word that Franco and Obrecht will connect and patch things up a bit.

General Hospital spoilers share that Maxie will be sharing some intense words with Dillon as she stands by Lulu’s side, and this may spell trouble for the work they’re doing together on his movie. There is plenty more drama on the way as the week continues, and viewers won’t want to miss a minute of the action. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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