‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Had A Secret Signal For Catfish ‘Sam’

This Sunday, Sister Wives fans will finally get to hear Meri Brown tell her side of the catfishing story that has been playing out online all season long. Meanwhile, the woman who allegedly tricked the Sister Wives star, Jackie Overton, is continuing to insist that she’s really a handsome businessman named Sam.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Meri Brown has admitted to engaging in an online affair. However, the spiritually married Sister Wives star wasn’t the only one being deceptive — her online lover turned out to be one whopper of a “catfish,” or someone who assumes a fake identity online. Meri thought she was professing her love to a man named Samuel Cooper, but “Sam” turned out to be a lesbian named Jackie Overton.

According to In Touch Weekly, “Samuel Cooper” continues to insist that “he” is not a woman, and the catfish is seemingly using all the interest in the upcoming Sister Wives finale to increase traffic on “his” Not Batman Yet website. The catfish has shared hundreds of romantic text messages and voicemails from Meri Brown, as well as a few photos of the Sister Wives star. However, there are no photos of “Sam” to be seen.

In a recent blog post, the catfish claimed that Meri is going to lie about their relationship during this Sunday’s Sister Wives episode.

“I was not ready for all of this attention. I don’t like it. It makes me very uncomfortable,” “Sam” wrote. “The woman that once loved me more than she has ever loved another human being, other than her daughter, wants to destroy every part of my life. She is doing all she can to set herself up the innocent victim and preparing America to witness the ‘real story’ behind all the headlines.”

“What you will see on the next episode is her saying we never met, she will claim I sent her fake photos, she will say we did not have sex, and she will say that I deceived her.”

Some of the catfish’s claims might make fans of Sister Wives go back and re-watch every episode of this season. The TLC cameras were following Meri Brown while she and her deceptive online lover were carrying on their emotional affair, and “Sam” claims that Meri can be seen wearing a black-and-white striped sweater that “he” bought for her in some of this season’s Sister Wives episodes. Meri also came up with a secret signal for her catfish to watch for during the show. The Sister Wives star mentioned biting her bottom lip in one of her text messages to “Sam,” and the catfish explained why Meri wanted “him” to know that she was doing this.

“I told her it turned me on when she bit her bottom lip so during filming she would do that as a sign to me.”

It’s possible that the catfish came up with the lip biting request after reading Twilight or Fifty Shades of Grey — Edward Cullen and Christian Grey both had a thing for lip biting.

Some of the text messages between Meri and her catfish are quite steamy, and it sounds like the Sister Wives star was completely smitten. She talks about wanting to kiss her lover’s neck, she thanks “Sam” for making her feel loved, and she says that she’ll love “him” forever. According to Hollywood Life, Meri was even planning on leaving spiritual husband Kody Brown for her online lover.

According to the International Business Times, a promo for this week’s episode of Sister Wives shows Meri telling her family about meeting someone online, but she doesn’t say that the person turned out to be a woman. Kody Brown is also shown expressing his concern that his first wife might leave their polygamist family.

'Sister Wives' Catfishing Scandal
Kody Brown fears that Meri is leaving the family in this week's 'Sister Wives'

Meri and Kody divorced last year so that Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn, could legally marry the Sister Wives patriarch and make him a legal guardian of her three children from a previous marriage. After the divorce, Meri claimed that she still wanted to be a part of the family as one of Kody’s three “spiritual wives.” However, the Sister Wives star’s actions seem to indicate otherwise.

The Sister Wives episode, “Meri Catfished,” airs Sunday, November 15 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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