Elderly Woman Punched By 14-Year-Old Girl On Bus, CCTV Captures The Assault [Video]

An elderly woman, 87-years-old, was assaulted by two teenage girls during a bus trip in Croydon, London, in mid-October. During the assault, one of the girls punched the woman in the face, leaving her with a black eye.

According to Metro, the actual attack took place on October 16, a Friday, on the Route 166 bus in Croydon, South London. The closed-circuit TV footage revealed the two young teens getting onto the bus. Shortly after, the teens started arguing with the driver after they refused to pay their fare. The elderly woman was drawn into the scuffle as the situation escalated.

During the course of the outburst, the majority of the passengers left the bus in order to avoid confrontation. However, the elderly woman and the bus driver remained on the bus, unable to escape the wrath of the teenage girls. As the teenage girls became more violent, the elderly woman became a victim of the assault as the 14-year-old teenage girl punched her in the face, leaving her with a black eye.

A passenger that remained on the bus decided to come to the elderly woman’s aid after she was punched, to ensure she was not assaulted further and to assist her.

Local police revealed the 14-year-old girl that assaulted the elderly woman as apprehended and taken into custody. Her friend was also identified and is awaiting arrest.

“The 14-year-old female has been taken to a south London police station where she remains in custody. Officers have also identified the second female involved in the incident – she has not been arrested at this time.”

The BBC reported that the elderly woman was taken to the hospital after the assault and later discharged with only a black eye.

After the elderly woman was punched in the face, both teens ran from the scene of the crime. The older of the two is estimated to be 18-years-old. Witnesses have been urged to come forward with any information they have, in hopes of charging both girls for the assault and gathering enough evidence and testimonials to convict them.

Closed-circuit footage allowed the police to identify and capture the 14-year-old suspect, leading to her apprehension. They have also been able to identify the 18-year-old suspect, but her apprehension has yet to occur. Police are on the lookout for her and hope to find her soon.

Elderly woman punched in Croydon London
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The police are appalled by the actions of the teens and the assault they carried out on the helpless 87-year-old woman. Arran Hiller, the police sergeant of the Croydon Safer Transport Team, stated publicly that the actions carried out by the teens was “nasty.”

“This was a nasty attack on an elderly woman, who just wanted to get home. I urge anyone who may recognise the suspects to contact the police.”

It is unknown what caused the teenage girls to act out on the bus ride, refuse to pay the bus fare, and end their journey with assault on the elderly woman. If the 14-year-old girl has revealed the motive of the assault to the police, the details have yet to be released. It is hopeful that the arrest of the second teen will reveal more information and allow bus passengers in Croydon to feel safe on the bus once again.

The driver was unharmed during the verbal, and physical, assault. It is unknown whether the girls intended to cause physical harm during their tirade, or if they were just caught up in the moment.

The names of the elderly woman and the teens have not been revealed at this time.

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