9-Year-Old Boy Threatened With Sexual Harassment Charges By School For Sending ‘Love Note’ To Girl

A fourth grader in Florida was threatened by school officials with sexual harassment charges over a “love note” that he sent to a girl in his class. The seemingly innocent note told the girl that her eyes “sparkle like diamonds” and that she is “cute” because she makes him smile. However, school officials said that the note was unwanted, so it bordered on sexual harassment. They told the 9-year-old child that if he sent another letter to the little girl, they would consider filing sexual harassment charges on her behalf. The boy’s mother is furious, and says that her son doesn’t even know what sexual harassment is and was simply trying to compliment the little girl that he has a crush on.

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An unidentified 9-year-old boy from Florida was threatened with sexual harassment charges after doing something that many elementary age children do at school, sending a “love note” to a crush. [Photo by Matt Cardy / Getty Images]
KJRH reports that a 9-year-old little boy in Florida is in hot water over a “love note” that he sent to a female classmate. The little boy did what many boys do in fourth grade and sent a letter to his crush explaining that he liked her. However, the note backfired when school officials got involved and deemed the love note inappropriate. The school principal confiscated the note and informed the boy’s mother that if the child sent another love note to the girl that the school would consider filing sexual harassment charges against him, as the notes were “unwanted.”

The boy’s mother, who wished to remain anonymous when speaking to the media, says that her son did nothing wrong. She notes that the little boy was trying to express his feelings to the little girl that he has a crush on in his classroom. However, things took an embarrassing turn for the little boy when other classmates began making fun of him after reading the note. They taunted the boy, telling him that he wanted to see the girl naked. However, that is not what the note said. In fact, the note was nothing out of the ordinary as far as love notes go written by fourth graders. He told the girl he liked her eyes because they “sparkle like diamonds,” and that her hair was pretty because it was never “sloppy.” He also said that she was “cute” because she always made him smile.

There was no reference to anything sexual in the note, simply compliments directed at a young girl that the boy had taken a liking to during the school year. However, the boy’s mother says things got out-of-hand when the note was confiscated by school officials. She claims that the school principal called her to explain that the notes were “unwanted” by the little girl and that if another note was sent that the school would take action in the form of an official sexual harassment charge.

“That’s when the principal proceeded to tell me that it wasn’t appropriate that he was writing the note and that if he writes another note, they are going to file sexual harassment charges on my [9]-year-old.”

The Hillsborough school district, where the boy attends, claims that the sexual harassment charges stem from the fact that this isn’t the first note that the boy sent. They claim the first note was unwanted by the girl. Therefore, the second note should have never been sent. However, the little boy’s mother says her son wasn’t sexually harassing anyone, and doesn’t even know what sexual harassment means.

What do you think about the Florida school’s response to the “love note?” Do you think the fourth grader was sexually harassing the female classmate by sending her “unwanted” letters about her eyes that “sparkle like diamonds?”

[Photo by Matt Cardy / Getty Images]

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