‘Nazi Gold Train’ Dig? Treasure Allegedly Found In Poland Tunnel

The legendary Nazi “gold train” may have been found inside a tunnel in Poland. The train holds gold and other stolen valuables lifted by the Third Reich by order of Adolf Hitler if World War II missives and rumors are accurate.

A Nazi gold train dig is currently underway by Polish excavators. The whereabouts of the Third Reich train have been shrouded in mystery for seven decades. The Hitler train was believed to have been buried to protect its treasure during the final days of World War II, MSN reports.

“In the past 70 years, three cold war secret services – the United States, the Russian, then the Polish – carried out searches,” Piotr Koper, a 44-year-old builder, claims.

Koper claims that he has found the infamous armored train while searching with a fellow treasure hunter, saying, “We succeeded because we are local people.”

According to previous reports by World War II and Nazi Third Reich historians, the gold train is filled with gold, artwork, and various valuables and archives, ABC News reports. The train is thought to have vanished within an 18-square-mile radius of what is now the Czech border as the Russian Red Army advanced in 1945.

The area where the Nazi gold train disappeared is also located within the region Adolf Hitler had erected a command post at the grandiose Ksiaz Castle and Project Riese. The project was suspected of being part of a secret weapons program.

Project Riese was built upon a network of underground chambers and tunnels dug out of Owl Mountains. The project was reportedly undertaken by approximately 30,000 concentration camp and military prisoners. Later on this week, the earthen embankment along the Wroclaw-Walbrzych railway will be surveyed by a mining team using radars, magnetic field detectors, and thermal imaging cameras.


“Four years ago, we were given information by a witness who was in Walbrzych at the time the train disappeared in April 1945. Radar technology has become affordable so we were able to check the information,” Piotr Koper added. “The Nazis dug out the embankment, created a junction and laid track to divert the train off to the side. Then they parked the train, which is 90 metres long, removed the rails and put back the soil.”

Beginning in August, members of the Polish military began clearing vegetation from the site. Soldiers also swept the area for land mines and analyzed the ground for the possible presence of Zyklon B. The Nazis were known to use the poison gas at concentration camps and were thought to transport the deadly gas along the railway.

Images taken by the treasure hunters show what appears to be the outline of a train. Koper said he and his partner were looking for a tunnel when they stumbled upon what might be the Nazi gold train. Although the images do not shed light on what is inside the train, Koper said they do know that the train is armored, indicating is carried highly-valued cargo.


Walbrzych, a depressed coal mining town with 20 percent unemployment, has experienced an economic boom since the possible discovery of the Nazi gold train. Tourists with metal detectors and curious military and history buffs have converged on the town. The small town in Poland is now home to Gold Train Car Wash, a Gold Train Skoda dealership, and the Gold bar. A vast array of gold train souvenirs are now being sold in the town, there is reportedly a waiting list at the city museum for gold train coffee mugs.

This area of Poland was a closed military area first shuttered by the Russians and then the Polish government until 1991.

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