London Bus Driver Caught ‘Pleasuring Himself’ On Top Deck

When you board a London bus, you expect to find a polite driver who will take you safely to your destination. What you most definitely would not expect to find is a bus driver with his trousers around his ankles masturbating. It seems this is what a passenger waiting for a bus saw last weekend. A passenger spotted a driver pleasuring himself on the top deck of a London Bus and took video on his mobile phone. Apparently, the driver has now been suspended while the bus company investigates the issue.

According to the Daily Mail, Mohamud Mohamud was waiting for a bus when he spotted the driver on the upper deck of a London double-decker bus. Onlookers were shocked to see the bus driver had his trousers and underwear around his ankles while he was leaning across two seats masturbating. The whole scene was in full view of those waiting for a bus and other passersby.

The Mirror reports that quick thinking Mohamud and his 26-year-old brother Hazma were standing outside their home while the stationary bus was parked in front of them at around midday on Saturday, November 7. Onlookers could clearly see the driver on the top deck of the bus, naked from the waist down, performing a solo sex act right next to the steamy window. Naturally, the bus driver’s actions have led to the emergence of many amusing memes on social media.

Mohamud filmed the driver and then went to confront him about his lewd actions.

“I was so shocked. I saw that he is almost naked on the top of the bus and could see him rocking forwards and backwards.

“At first I couldn’t figure out what he was doing, but when I realised I got my phone out to start recording.

“There must be something on the seat in front of him, you could see his right hand reaching for something which is on the seat in front so I believe that was his mobile and we think he was watching porn.”

Mohamud explained that he was angered at the bus driver’s actions, especially as the route is heavily used by schoolchildren. He also said that an elderly woman had seen the bus driver’s actions as she walked past.

The number 123 bus takes a route from Wood Green to Ilford in north London. The driver had parked the bus on Buller Road, where drivers stop at the end or beginning of the route. When Mohamud confronted the bus driver, he initially claimed that he had been searching the bus. When asked why he was naked from the waist down, the driver claimed that he had a problem with his leg. When it was pointed out that the whole episode had been filmed, the bus driver pleaded with Mohamud to delete the footage.

“I told him, what you are doing is absolutely disgusting, it’s beyond belief. He plainly wanted people to see, I have no idea why. He is clearly sick in the head.”

The bus route is operated by bus operator Arriva, which identified the driver and suspended him pending an investigation and disciplinary proceedings.

Transport for London confirmed that the bus driver has been identified and suspended. A spokesperson said that Transport for London is in contact with the bus operator about the unsavoury incident.

“We have immediately contacted the bus operator, Arriva, and they confirmed that they have suspended the driver while the incident is investigated.”

The London Evening Standard reports that the bus driver has not been named, but he is a middle-aged white man with dark hair.

The video showing the bus driver’s actions has been shared on YouTube. For obvious reasons, the video will not be shared on Inquisitr.

[Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images]

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