Mysterious White UFO Lights Sighted In Houston Over ‘Be Someone’ Sign — UFO Was ‘Cloaked’ Alien Craft, Says UFO Blogger [Video]

The Internet is abuzz with claims of a UFO sighting in Houston, Texas, after a Snapchat video showing strange lights over a “Be Someone” sign near downtown Houston emerged online. The six-second clip was taken, according to Houston Chronicle, on the southbound Interstate 45, near downtown Houston on Monday, November 9, 2015, and uploaded to Twitter on the same day. It shows mysterious white lights that enthusiasts say is a UFO.

According to Twitter user @lm_Raddd, who uploaded the footage to Twitter late on Monday, he had snapped pictures of a railroad bridge with a “Be Someone” sign an hour before and had not noticed anything unusual. But when viewing the video later, he noticed mysterious lights in the sky over the sign.

The Twitter user said he first thought there was someone up in the air with a parachute, but that didn’t seem to make sense. Why would anyone in their right mind parachute over a highway?

The sighting sparked a debate in the online UFO community as enthusiasts discussed whether the lights were indicative of a UFO phenomenon or an incidental optical phenomenon.

“Is this real or some sort of light show? Can anyone debunk this? This sure looks odd to me!”

UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring offered views on the mysterious lights that likely represent the consensus among UFOlogy bloggers. According to Waring, the footage actually shows a “cloaked UFO,” that is a camouflaged UFO moving over traffic.

The “cloaked UFO” was revealed when the reflection of the streetlights below interacted with it’s “cloaking,” Waring suggested.

“For a cloak to work, light source needs to be behind it. If it’s both, it will be revealed.”

However, Houston Chronicle reports that some viewers suggested the lights could be a reflection of the car’s speedometer. Others thought they were lights from buildings nearby. One viewer thought the lights were from street lamps.

“After looking at the photos magnified, I think what is seen are the large circular street lamps… occasionally most of the lights go out but a few might remain on but dimly… on a rainy night it could very well appears ghost like…”

“Are you kidding? That’s the light from the car’s odometer reflected back in the windshield. You can see it clearly in image.”

But the view that the lights are the unveiling of a “cloaked UFO” finds better acceptance in the UFO community that is always on the lookout for stealth alien UFOs skulking in the sky spying on humanity.

UFOs, according to enthusiasts, usually “cloak” as clouds. When “cloaked” as clouds, alien UFOs are practically indistinguishable from lenticular cloud formations, according to UFO hunters.

The UFO community was recently treated to news of appearance of spectacular lenticular cloud formations over Cape Town in South Africa (see photos above).

The striking similarity of the “flying saucer-shaped” clouds to the Independence Day movie mothership UFO sparked fears among residents that the city was under alien invasion.

But local meteorologists soon calmed fears, saying the clouds were only lenticular cloud formations

“The aliens have been monitoring cape town for years now.”

“Right now above my head! The strangest most amazing UFO shaped clouds.”

“Weird UFO clouds over Cape Town.”

But many UFO enthusiasts believe that alien UFOs often “cloak” as lenticular clouds to hide their presence from unsuspecting humanity.

[Image via Nick Thomas/YouTube]

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