Steven Harvey Makes Internet Explode In Laughter By Interviewing Lorena Bobbitt

Steve Harvey couldn't help himself.

In an interview with the woman who famously severed her husband's penis while he slept, the host of The Steve Harvey Showbrought comic relief to a tragic story, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

The result was perhaps the funniest interview daytime viewers have seen in quite some time.

After briefly recapping the history that led to Lorena cutting off her husband's penis, Lorena told Steve Harvey that she went to the kitchen to get a glass of water on the night of the incident. Her next memory is when she found herself "in the street with a penis in one hand and a knife in the other."

"So, what made you take it, though? I mean, you cut it off... Where you going with it? Why you leave with it?"
As the crowd started to erupt in laughter, Harvey continued to ponder what he might have done in the same situation. "Look, I'm not really sure how I want to receive this," Steve began telling Bobbitt about another potential way of finding out his genitals had been dismembered.
"You didn't think to just like lay it on the pillow... I don't know if I would rather wake up and see it laying next to my pillow and try to bring it back... I don't know what I do."
Steve went on to hilariously describe other events from the fateful night. "But when you throw it out the window, though, that's the part, now we got to go find it," Harvey continued to a roaring laughter from the audience.

"And then we are out here," Steve said, standing up and beginning to mimic a search. "'What are we looking for?'" Harvey said he would be the one -- injured or not -- willing to search for the dismembered part of his body if faced with the same situation.

Steve Harvey Lorena Bobbitt
Steve Harvey reacts to the details of the famous 1993 incident involving Lorena Bobbitt [Photo via Steve Harvey / YouTube]As Harvey finally began to calm down, Lorena -- who emigrated from Venezuela -- agreed that the events are part of wild story from her past. "As much we understand it, my story actually has humor. But also, we shine the light on domestic violence as well."

"Getting jumped on by a bigger, strong person repeatedly whenever they want to, that's horrific," Steve acknowledged. Then, as he once again put himself in her situation, Steve Harvey brought more comic relief to the situation. "Now, you ain't jumping on me tonight because when you get you're going to have to go find your johnson. It's down the street on the highway down by the creek, and some chipmunks is playing with it."

Harvey introduced Bobbitt as part of his show's "Where Are They Now: Lovers Who Lost It" series. Possibly to the surprise of Steve, Lorena received a warm standing ovation. After the crowd settled down, Steve Harvey asked the obvious first question in dissecting the 1993 crime of passion. What happened?

"Well, Steve, I was young. I came to United States when I was 18 years old. I was naive... I wanted to meet a man, get married, and I did. I met John, and he was nice, he was charming, he was kind."
Steve Harvey Lorena Bobbit
Steve Harvey and Lorena Bobbitt discuss the famous 1993 incident [Photo via Steve Harvey / YouTube]Lorena went on to tell Harvey how the marriage fell apart. After discovering her ex-husband abused drugs and alcohol while having multiple affairs, Lorena said she was fearful for her life when John Wayne physically abused her. Bobbitt then described her experience with Battered Woman Syndrome, claiming she reached a breaking point when her body couldn't take any more abuse from him.

Neither John Wayne nor Lorena Bobbitt received any jail time for their roles in the incident. Lorena was found not guilty by reason of temporary insanity, and John Wayne was acquitted of charges of marital sexual abuse.

After discussing her past, Lorena admitted to Steve Harvey that she has a happy life now. Telling viewers on The Steve Harvey Show that she has a husband and child, Bobbitt told viewers she hasn't been in contact with her ex-husband in a long time, despite his failed attempts to reach out to her.

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