Stern on Letterman: I mooned the MTV awards seventeen years ago!

Howard Stern had some classic Howard Stern moments on Letterman last night in a lengthy interview.

Stern touched on a number of hilarious topics- dissing the Eminem/Baron Cohen stunt, Conan O'Brien, and receptionists stealing your radio show in part one.

In part two, Stern and Letterman traded barbs about their respective weddings- Stern rips Letterman for depriving his wife of a celebrity wedding and for "living on a farm in Montana."

For part three, viewable below, Stern and Letterman discuss keeping Richard Simmons happy and answer some viewer questions. Stern gives some "personal advice" on what makes a happy marriage and divulges his secret on his newlywed strategy, which includes seeing a psychiatrist three times a week.

Stern goes on to critique Rush Limbaugh and dishes on his calling in life- "extracting sexual information from people."