Scott Disick Checks Out Of Rehab After 30 Days: Is He Sober?

Scott Disick has left rehab after spending 30 days there to get help. US Magazine shared the news that Disick is now out of rehab and back to living his normal life. The question on everyone’s mind is if Scott Disick is sober or not, though. Scott actually left on Tuesday and got on a private plane, but nobody knows where he is headed just yet.

Disick has not been on his Instagram page in a while, but today he shared a photo of himself getting on a plane. Everyone is happy to see him heading out of there, but hopefully he is doing okay with his sobriety. Scott shared the caption, “Private aviation is my motivation.”

Scott Disick from Instagram
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Scott Disick checked into Malibu’s Cliffside rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol addiction 30 days ago and has spent his time there. This was after Scott and Kourtney Kardashian split in July, and he just didn’t seem to have his act together. When Lamar Odom was found unconscious at a Las Vegas brothel, Scott realized that it was time to get help and he headed to rehab right away. This is the longest that Scott Disick has ever stayed in rehab.

While in rehab, Scott Disick had visits from Kris Jenner and also Kourtney Kardashian. They brought the kids to see Scott, but Kourtney is not sharing at all if she has plans to get back together with Scott. One big problem she has always had with him is the fact that he wasn’t sober. If Scott is finally sober, then she might decide it is time to give their relationship one last chance.

Radar Online shared that Scott did his 30 days, which is huge progress, but he isn’t done yet. It does sound like Disick is sober and still working on his rehab even though he won’t be at an inpatient facility like he has been for the last 30 days. A source close to Scott shared that if he wants joint custody of the kids, then Scott will have to finish up some outpatient rehab, and he has plans to do that for sure. This makes six times that Scott Disick has been in rehab, but this was his longest stay and hopefully this time it worked.

People recently shared that Kris Jenner is still hopeful that Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian can work it out this time. Scott is like part of the family and they do have three children together. Here is what a source had to say about it all.

“Kris is really supportive of Scott. Last week she bought his favorite soup in Beverly Hills and took it took it to the rehab for him. Kris takes the kids to rehab so he can see them.”

After that, the source went on to explain how Kris Jenner hopes that Scott and Kourtney figure things out.

“She thinks Scott is doing great and is happy if Kourtney gets back with him. But Kourtney is on the fence as deep down she doesn’t believe he can change.”

It will be interesting to see if Kourtney Kardashian will take Scott Disick back once again or if these two are done for good. After three children and so much time, it is hard for her to just give up on him. If Kourtney is dating again, then she hasn’t shared the news with her fans just yet.

Scott Disick from his Instagram page
Image Via Instagram

Are you shocked to hear that Scott Disick has checked out of rehab after just 30 days? Do you think that Scott has been there long enough and is now sober and doing well? Sound off in the comments section on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians returning this week to E!.

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