Stacey Bunsey Tells Cops, ‘Welcome to Hell!’ After Ramming SUV Into Cruiser — See The Video

What Stacey Bunsey was thinking when she rammed her SUV at full speed into a police cruiser — with Officer Matt Stacy standing right next to it firing his service weapon at her fast-approaching vehicle — remains unclear this week. But what is knows is that the Tulsa, Oklahoma, woman was arrested Friday for driving under the influence, assault, and other charges after she unleashed a bizarre rant at the local Sand Springs cops who surrounded her SUV after the apparently deliberate crash.

The entire bizarre and frightening incident was captured on video thanks to Officer Stacy’s body camera. Police in Sand Springs released the video to the public on Monday, and the two-minute clip can be viewed above, at the top of this page.

Viewers should be cautioned that Bunsey is heard to use profane language in the video.

But that’s not all the language the seemingly crazed woman used. As officers attempted to order her to show both of her hands, she appeared elated, telling bizarre slogans at the officers, telling them, “I’m God, B***h!” and “Welcome to Hell!” as transcribed by the New York Daily News.

According to the Tulsa World newspaper, Officer Matt Stacy was injured in the crash, but fortunately his wounds were minor and he was treated and released at a local hospital.

Stacey Bunsen Video Matt Stacy
Stacey Bunsey (l) and Officer Matt Stacy (r)

“We believe he fired two rounds at the driver as she accelerated at a high speed and then ran into the officer,” Sand Springs Police Chief Mike Carter told the World newspaper. “One went through the hood (of the SUV), and one impacted but did not penetrate the windshield. The officer was thrown quite a ways.”

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Carter said he wasn’t sure what to make of the woman’s unhinged rant as officers attempted to gain control of the situation.

“By her demeanor, we are not sure if she was under the influence or if this was a mental-health incident,” Sand Springs Police Chief Mike Carter said. “She’s not your typical car thief-type suspect.”

The incident, indeed, began with a report of a stolen vehicle which led to a high-speed chase as two police cars chased the white SUV to the entrance to a local elementary school, with about 450 children in attendance, in grades kindergarten through second.

Stacy stopped his cruiser at the entrance to the school property, and said that he planned to lay a strip of tire spikes to stop the SUV once it turned around to try to escape, as he suspected would happen.

That is what happened — except instead of trying to make her getaway, as seen in the video, Bunsey sped her SUV directly at Stacy who was taking cover behind the door of his cruiser with his gun drawn.

Stacey Bunsey Video
Still from video of the Stacey Bunsey crash incident

“I was put in a situation where my job was to stop a person who was endangering the citizens of Sand Springs while wildly driving a stolen car through our city in an attempt to elude one of my fellow officers,” Stacy said in a statement later. “I exited my patrol car with the intent to stop her with my spike system. It soon became apparent that I was not going to have time to do this, and that she intended on trying to hurt or kill me.”

Police were careful to point out that none of Stacy’s rounds fired from his weapon posed any danger to children in the school, according to a report on KJRH-TV News.

The officers eventually subdued Bunsey with a taser shot. As officers led her away, one expressed concern that she might have been hit by a bullet — which it turned out she was not — and could be bleeding.

“I don’t bleed out, I’m the Holy Spirit, b***h!” she is heard to reply. “Now can you bow down?”

Stacy Bunsey reportedly confessed to officers that before leading them into the dangerous incident captured in the above video, she “did a line of ice,” a reference to the purest form of the drug methamphetamine, also known as “crystal meth.”

[All Photos By Sand Springs, Oklahoma, Police Department]

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