‘Sister Wives’ News: Meri Brown’s Catfish ‘Sam’ Still Insists He Is Really A Man

News came out recently that Meri Brown of Sister Wives was catfished by a woman who was pretending to be a man while chatting with her online. Now In Touch Weekly is sharing that the person who goes by the name “Sam Cooper” is still insisting that they are really a man. “Sam” has been going to his blog and posting about what is going on. The person who catfished Meri Brown refuses to show any pictures or proof that they are a man, but is still saying that this is the case and that Jackie Overton didn’t do anything wrong. Jackie is the woman being accused of pretending to be “Sam” all along.

The blog that is supposed to belong to “Sam Cooper” is now posting about the catfishing incident with Meri Brown. This blog called Not Batman Yet shared a new post this week all about what would happen if “Sam” is real. The person who Meri Brown was talking to starts out speaking out about how much this has affected their life.

“To the outside world this is a big What If game being played in the media and online. And I’m sitting back laughing at how ridiculous a lot of the stories are being twisted into one of those foil swans you take leftovers home in. It amuses me. But nothing else about this does. It’s not funny at all. This is my life and people playing around with it is affecting me. My family is upset, my employees are questioning me, my clients are not sure what to believe and all of this will have a permanent gravestone on the internet forever. My name and the word catfish will live forever. How am I ever going to live a normal life, now?”

Meri Brown’s catfisher then goes on to talk about how reality television is not real at all. The person calls out the Brown family basically by saying that some of it is real, but that they schedule family events and things to make the show interesting. “Sam Cooper” goes on to explain that as soon as the Brown family’s finale airs this Sunday, the blog will be deleted.

“Sam Cooper” says that Meri Brown will lie about him on the show and say things that are not true. According to “Sam,” Meri will say they never had sex and that he sent her fake photos, but this is not true at all. “Sam” even shared his deep feelings for Meri.

And that I loved her every single day we were together with so much love that even I didn’t realize how much she meant to me, until she was gone.

“Sam Cooper” says that he loved Meri Brown and makes this relationship sound like a lot more than Meri is going to admit this week. The blog goes on to say that “Sam” has more money than he knows what to do with and that he never gave Meri money for anything except for some product. Meri is not rich or poor according to him.

This week on Sister Wives, Meri Brown will speak out about the emotional affair she had with “Sam Cooper.” It will be interesting to hear Meri Brown’s version of the story compared to what “Sam Cooper” has to say. If “Sam” was not really a man, then obviously he would have never met up with Meri Brown, but “Sam” is saying that the two were together. Don’t miss the season finale of Sister Wives on November 15 when Meri Brown reveals the affair and her version of what happened with the person who says they are still in love with her.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]