Charlie Hunnam To Return As Jax Teller For ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Prequel? Creator Kurt Sutter Weighs In

Ever since it was first learned that Kurt Sutter was working on a prequel to Sons of Anarchy, many people have wondered whether or not Charlie Hunnam would make a return appearance as Jax Teller. While a lot of details have emerged since the exciting announcement was made, Sutter recently discussed his plans for the prequel in an interview with Deadline.

Sons of Anarchy wrapped up its main storyline following the seventh season on FX, which included the death of Jax Teller. While this is a clear end for Hunnam’s part in the world moving forward, the fact that the prequel would include events before everything that went down on Sons of Anarchy certainly opens the door for a possible appearance by Hunnam as a younger Jax.

It is not known whether any of the other members of SAMCRO would appear on a 'Sons of Anarchy' prequel. It is not known whether any of the other members of SAMCRO would appear on a ‘Sons of Anarchy’ prequel. [Image via FX]That being said, Sutter’s comments seem to indicate that the prequel would go back a lot further in time than previously thought. “At some point I do have plans to hopefully do the prequel,” Sutter explained in the interview. “Which I do see as a one-off ten or twelve episode thing where we begin in [Vietnam] and see John Teller and Piney and see how that relationship got created.”

Unfortunately, the timeline of the prequel would make it impossible to feature Hunnam, as his character would either not be born yet or would be a small child. In fact, Sutter seems to want to focus on the dynamics of the founding of the MC rather than anything that has a direct correlation to the events in Sons of Anarchy.

“[Then we’ll] bring them back to the States and the obvious external dynamics that were going on with the country and the perception of the war and what an odd kind of perception these vets got when they returned home,” Sutter continued to reveal. “And then have it be the development of the club, ending before we start to get too close to some of the mythology that’s already been established.”

At the same time, Sutter also revealed that he is working on a sort of spin-off series that is based in the same world as Sons of Anarchy, only it would focus on the Mayans. With this being a contemporary series, is it possible that Hunnam could make a cameo in it?

Although Sutter admitted that he wants to steer clear of the “mythology that’s already been told,” he did leave the door open for some old characters to be included in the series. “It doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be some cool, ironic crossovers with familiar characters as the series progressed,” he stated.

Charlie Hunnam can be seen on the big screen in 'Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur.' [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images] Charlie Hunnam can be seen next on the big screen in ‘Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur.’ [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]That being said, Charlie Hunnam has been very busy with other projects since the end of Sons of Anarchy. In fact, according to Realty Today, Hunnam’s schedule may prove to be the primary obstacle preventing the two from working together in the near future.

“I’m not sure when it would happen though, he’s got another TV show he’s working on,” Hunnam stated in regards to working with Sutter. “I don’t know if he needs me as a lead actor on that too.”

Along with his most recent part in Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak, Hunnam is also set to star in Guy Ritchie’s upcoming film, Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur. For his part, Sutter is currently working hard on his newest FX series, The Bastard Executioner.

Whether or not the two end up working together on a Sons of Anarchy related series is yet to be seen. Either way, fans of the show will certainly be glad at the prospects of the series continuing in some fashion with both the prequel and the spin-off series.

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