Jennifer Lawrence: On Personal Hygiene And Going Braless

Jennifer Lawrence is always keen on setting the record straight in clever, and downright kooky, ways in order to remind that she’s not only a talented and award-winning, gorgeous actress, but that she has a lively and appreciated sense of humor, as well. A trip-up while wearing a Dior gown at the Oscars, a release of nude photos to the masses, and knocks at the star’s personal hygiene have not held Lawrence back from reminding the world why she is so admired and adored. Jennifer gets top scores for her manner in which she responds to unfortunate and reputation-threatening circumstances.

Lawrence has managed one more reaction to a rumor that’s been swirling about the star’s apparent poor hygiene. Lawrence jokingly referred to her lack of handwashing practice while being interviewed by MTV. The Telegraph relays the interaction which lead to Lawrence being considered unhygienic.

“The star said as a joke to MTV that she didn’t have good toilet etiquette, and has now posted a backlash video after rumours spread that it was true.”

The conversation was between herself, Hunger Games costar Liam Hemsworth and the MTV interviewer. The duo were clearly just having a laugh and kidding about Lawrence’s apparent lack of hygiene, but viewers misinterpreted the joke. The Telegraph reminds of the words between Jen and her co-star.

“[One of] my gross [habits], is probably … I don’t wash my hands after I go to the bathroom.”

To which Hemsworth responded as follows.

“And then she likes to come back and literally puts her hands all over your face or in your mouth.”

Lawrence then capitalized on the odd fictitious habit by noting the ridiculousness of the conversation, stating, “That was f****d up, sorry.” The final words on the subject did not keep social media from being overrun by handwashing tips for JLaw, however.

After the interaction was interpreted as fact by viewers, Lawrence responded with a ridiculous video to highlight the ludicrousness that people believe about her. The video, which was used in the Silver Linings Playbook star’s refute to the claims, involves Lawrence appearing in a bathrobe and demonstrating her hand-washing capabilities for viewers.