Vizio Launches New PC Line, Could Rival Mac

Melissa Stusinski

Vizio, a company long known for making TVs, is officially throwing at least a few eggs into the PC market basket with the launch of a new PC line, including all-in-one desktops and portable computers.

Cnet reports that the new systems are mixing high-end components with slick designs, fairly reminiscent of Apple's iMac. Their new models boast the current trends of aesthetic minimalism, including unibody construction, hidden hinges, and full HD displays.

The all-in-one models seem to be especially influenced by the company's TV-making experience, including HDMI inputs, a remote control, and Blu-Ray options, according to Cnet.

Engadget notes as well that:

"Across its PC lineup, Vizio will be including a so-called V key on its keyboard, which will serve as a shortcut to services like Hulu Plus, Amazon, Vudu and Netflix. (If you were wondering how Vizio would incorporate its TV know-how, this is it.)"

Cnet also notes:

"There's a very deliberate aesthetic minimalism to the Vizio laptops, with large clickpad-style touch pad underneath a keyboard, power button, and speaker grille, and nothing else. The keyboard has tightly packed, flat-topped keys, a different look from the majority of current laptops, which have widely spaced island-style keys."

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