Romney Insurance Plan Basically Involves Heaping More Money on Insurance Companies, Not Covering Pre-Existing Conditions

Mitt Romney’s insurance stance is basically anti-Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, but that doesn’t mean the presumptive GOP candidate is actually able to answer any questions about what he will do about the growing cost of health care were he elected to office.

Romney confirmed his health insurance company favoring views this week at a campaign stop in Orlando, where he told a group of supporters that “regardless of what they do, it’s going to be up to the next President to either repeal and replace Obamacare or to replace Obamacare.”

Romney’s insurance position on pre-existing conditions also has not wavered. While President Obama’s plan solves the problem of pre-existing condition denials, Romney’s insurance stance firmly ignores the fact that in a time of record unemployment, many ill Americans have been unable to maintain a steady job and thus, steady health insurance.

Back in March, Romney went on Jay Leno’s show, and the issue of health insurance and pre-existing conditions arose. Romney hedged, unwilling to specifically acknowledge that a large swath of Americans uncovered after job losses would, in his plan, be urged to “die quickly.”

The Republican candidate tried to make it look like he was for not excluding people, attempting to mask his position:

“…people who have been continuously insured, let’s say someone’s had a job for a while but insured, then they get real sick and they happen to lose a job, or change jobs, they find, gosh, I’ve got a pre-existing condition, I can’t get insured. I’d say, no, no no. As long as you’ve been continuously insured, you ought to be able to get insurance going forward. See, you have to take that problem away. You have to make sure the legislation doesn’t allow insurance companies to reject people.”

Leno asks about people who have lost their jobs or were never offered health insurance in the first place, and Romney hedges:

“Well, people with pre-existing as long as they’d been insured before, they’re going to be able to continue to have insurance.”

Still doesn’t answer the question directly, right? Jay mentions people in the auto industry who have never been able to get insurance, and Romney dodges:

“Well, we’ll look at circumstance where someone was ill, and hasn’t been insured so far. But people have had the chance to be insured. If you’re working at an auto business, for instance.”

After Romney’s recent insurance comments at the campaign stop in Orlando, Obama campaign manager Stephanie Cutter blasted the GOP frontrunner’s stance, saying:

“Mitt Romney just clarified the choice in this election – he’d put insurance companies back in charge. People living with pre-existing conditions from asthma to breast cancer are on their own if Mitt Romney is elected president and millions more would lose their health insurance.”

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