“Family Matters” Star Could Be Involved In Washington Scandal

Family Matters star could be implicated in D.C. scandal

It’s a rare condition, in this day and age, to read any good news on the newspaper page—or at least, that’s the case lately for “Family Matters” star Kellie Williams.

The actress who played Laura Winslow has been linked to a Washington, D.C., scandal that send former city council chairman Harry Thomas Jr. to federal prison, Washington City Paper reported. The onetime girlfriend of Steve Urkel could be the unnamed “INDIVIDUAL #1” in a court case against Thomas, Washington City Paper reported.

The newspaper compiled court records, tax filings and e-mails from several individuals involved with the scandal, in which Thomas was found to have taken kickbacks on a city grant.

Thomas stole more than $350,000 by filtering money through a city-funded non-profit organization, Children & Youth Investment Trust Corporation. He was aided in the crimes by four unnamed individuals, the leader of the original non-profit and three other organization which received the money, Washington City Paper founded. Though the report does not offer definitive proof that Williams was involved, it questioned whether she was involved as the head of a youth arts training group in the area.

The paper’s Loose Lips section outlines the case that Williams is involved, including several grants for her program that match ones Thomas was alleged to have been involved in.

After “Family Matters” ended in 1998, Williams returned to the D.C. area and started a for-profit arts organization called Kellie Williams Programs, The Huffington Post reported.

Thomas was sentenced in May to 38 months in prison for his role in the scandal, Huffington Post reported. The “Family Matters” star did not respond to Washington City Paper’s interview requests.