$450 Pizza Sold In Canada

How much would you pay for a pizza? What if it came topped with black Alaskan cod and a thermidor of lobster? The Stevenston Pizza Company in British Columbia is offering a $450 pizza, and surprisingly, someone has actually purchased one.

According to the Denver News Channel, Vancouver’s C6 pizza comes with black Alaskan cod, lobster, and a dipping sauce of Russian Osetra caviar. The pizza must be ordered 24 hours in advance.

For those who just can’t afford a $450 pizza, the Stevenston Pizza Company offers a slightly more moderate pie. The C5 comes with roasted garlic, Icelandic scampi, smoked steelhead and lobster ratatouille. Founder Nader Natami says that he’s sold 7 C5 pizza.

Natami said:

“I never thought I’d sell so many… The idea was to make a culinary statement.”

According to Fox News, the $450 pizza is far from the world’s most expensive pizza. In 2008, the Guinness Book of World Records named a $2400 pizza sold by Margo’s Pizzeria on the island nation of Malta as the world’s most expensive pizza. That pizza was literally topped with gold. According to Fox, the pizza came topped with white truffles and 24-carat gold leaf.

On the other end of the spectrum, a Netherlands company has just announced that it will be bringing its Pizza vending machines to America. The pizzas will cost about $6 and will take to and a half minutes to cook.

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