Donald Trump Brought Big Ratings To ‘SNL’ Last Night — Who Else Should Host The Show?

Donald Trump’s appearance on Saturday Night Live was, as expected, a ratings bonanza. The Republican presidential candidate showed some of his comedic chops in front of what Variety anticipates to be over 9 million viewers Saturday night. Donald Trump’s SNL return scored the highest rating for the sketch-comedy show in four years. It proves that the controversy behind bringing him in to host the show was well worth the risk.

Donald Trump being on SNL opens up the conversation about who else could come in, rock the SNL stage, and garner strong ratings.

There are two people who would be worth watching on SNL.

Prior to Donald Trump’s SNL appearance, the February, 2015, Melissa McCarthy and Imagine Dragons show drew the biggest ratings amongst viewers with a 2.7 rating. With Donald Trump handling hosting duties, SNL drew a 6.6 rating.

No one will ever confuse Donald Trump for a comedic genius. Trump did not have to be drop dead funny on SNL last night. All he had to do was to deliver his lines, which seemed as if he was reading from a TelePrompter the entire time. If his timing is on point, the jokes are a hit. Luckily, Trump did not have to do as much on SNL.

The most awestruck moment of Donald Trump’s SNL appearance came when he was not visible on camera. It was during a skit which featured several of the Saturday Night Live cast.

Where was Donald Trump? If you must ask, he was live tweeting his thoughts of the cast who were performing the skit. The idea was genius. Trump was able to make a mockery of his constant live tweeting during events. Plus, the jokes that he delivered were true to what attitude he has exhibited during his time being on the campaign trail.

The most interesting, perhaps endearing, part of Donald Trump was the fact that he allowed the cast of SNL poke fun at him. It paid off with big dividends for the show. Now the question becomes who else could Saturday Night Live tab as a host that is not in the entertainment business?

Bernie Sanders is the most ideal candidate to host the show.

If Donald Trump does not mind making fun of himself, Bernie Sanders should not either. In fact, he would be a natural at it.

Bernie Sanders sat down (according to Time) with Larry Wilmore during a segment of Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show. The two of them enjoyed some soul food, while engaging in a few barbs.

(Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

During the segment, Wilmore, the host of The Nightly Show, was able to poke a little fun at the expense of his guest. Sanders was unwittingly funny and personable. He seems like a natural fit to join Donald Trump as a current presidential candidate who should host SNL.

One of the highlights of Trump’s time as SNL host was the guest cameo of Larry David. David, playing Bernie Sanders, brought the laughter as a heckler. Imagine if Larry David and Bernie Sanders were in the same room, performing the same skit. Even if Sanders could not commit to hosting an entire Saturday Night Live episode, the possibilities are endless.

Although it is unlikely to happen, HBO television icon Bill Maher would be hilarious on SNL.

What better way to follow up a Donald Trump-hosted SNL, than by having one of his nemesis Bill Maher as a host?

Bill Maher is funny. When it comes to political-based humor, he is hilarious. SNL made fun of Donald Trump during the weekly newscast. Even if Bill Maher could appear for that in order to offer a Trump rebuttal, it would be funny.

What is surprising is that Maher has never hosted Saturday Night Live. While no one knows how good he could be with his improv skills on a show like SNL, he would be a perfect host, who would get strong ratings.

Donald Trump did a solid job on SNL. Millions of viewers tuned in to see the controversial presidential candidate poke fun at himself. It was a ratings bonanza. Bernie Sanders and Bill Maher should follow in Trump’s footsteps for no other reason than to produce more laughs and good ratings. While everyone was expecting the worst with Donald Trump on SNL, the show turned out to be funny. The estimated 9 million people who watched it had to enjoy themselves.

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