Charlie Sheen Says Fans Stay Loyal Because He Owns Up to Mistakes

Charlie Sheen has been Charlie Sheen for as long as we can remember, a wild young actor who morphed into a wild middle-aged actor, but in recent years, has had some of the wildest points of his career.

When Charlie Sheen flamed out of his Two and a Half Men role, scorching the Earth and then going on a large scale publicity tour to celebrate the massive fan interest in his meltdown, it seemed perhaps we had reached peak Charlie Sheen crazy, and that a pause of some sort was inevitable.

And despite his wild antics and hard partying ways, Charlie Sheen is about to make another triumphant return to TV, with his own show titled Anger Management and a loyal fan base who love the actor no matter his wild ways.

Sheen reflected recently on his ability to remain popular in the face of several circumstances that would make the normally moralistic America balk. Speaking to Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush, Sheen muses that his lifestyle provides some contrast, and that ultimately, his actions were only destructive to him:

“It’s not just about making comebacks, because you can attempt those, but you have to be allowed to be back in, also… and I think, on some level, I think the business needs a guy like me, to juxtapose everything else… I just don’t feel like I’ve done anything that was that bad. I was hurting myself, mostly… So I wasn’t begging to be let back into the party covered in somebody else’s blood.”

Of the Charlie Sheen of today versus the Sheen of the “Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour, the actor says:

“I think it’s coming back to a place that’s a little more recognizable, a little more understandable, a little more terrestrially grounded.”

Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management premieres June 28th on FX.

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