ISIS Coloring Book Is Meant To Educate Americans In Graphic Detail, Says CEO

An ISIS theme may be the last thing Americans think of when they think about coloring book themes. However, one company is trying to educate Americans about ISIS, the brutal Islamic terrorist group, through a coloring book.

Really Big Coloring Books, Inc., from St. Louis, Missouri, claims to provide “quality children’s teaching and learning tools,” which include coloring books, throughout the world. A controversial coloring book the company distributes aims to teach adults and young people about ISIS through graphic pictures and information.

Coloring may never be the same again after coloring in an ISIS coloring book. [Photo by Orlando / Three Lions / Getty Images]

The coloring book, ISIS: A Culture of Evil, was released to the public on Sunday and started controversy from the start, according to Arutz Sheva.

Wayne Bell, CEO of Really Big Coloring Books, Inc., welcomed the controversy and the discussion the ISIS coloring book will open.

“I publish this book because it’s very real, very factual, very accurate, and on-target. The American people want to know what’s going on with ISIS; the pictures are brutal, they’re absolutely correct. ISIS is an evil force on the world and everybody needs to know it.”

In a press release published by WDRB, Really Big Coloring Books say the ISIS coloring book answers questions about ISIS that may not be answered honestly elsewhere.

The press release states, “We show the truth as it exists in detail. We ask: Why and how does ISIS recruit? What will government leaders do? What will the political class do? What will leaders of faith do? What will you do should they come for you? ISIS is a real State with real consequences.”

Although the coloring book seems to be targeted toward a young audience, Bell insists the ISIS coloring book is for adults and young adults, but he did say the coloring book could be a tool for parents to use to teach their young children about ISIS at their own discretion. On the company’s website, the book is sold with the warning, “Adult Theme with Parental Warning.”

A peek into the ISIS coloring book depicts beheadings that the extremist group is quite known for, along with acid attacks. It also seems to tackle how ISIS recruits young people, especially through the use of the internet.

The ISIS coloring book is 36 pages long and filled with black and white illustrations of ISIS recruiters, soldiers, and victims, along with information about the terror group and the group’s targets. The cover shows a decapitated head saying, “What will you do when they come for you?”

This is not the first controversial topic Really Big Comic Books has tackled. In previous years, the company has released coloring books entitled The True Faces of Global Evil Terrorism and We Shall Never Forget 9/11: Kids’ Book of Freedom. Re-released issues of these coloring books included additions about ISIS.

Wayne Bell believes the media doesn’t depict ISIS accurately enough, and its brutality is not known well enough. He believes by issuing the graphic coloring book, America will have a chance to see what ISIS really stands for and how the terror group really operates.

Obviously, the company is not afraid of the controversy surrounding such a graphic book, and seems to welcome it.

Bell stands behind ISIS: A Culture of Evil and its educational value to Americans.

“I think it was simply time somebody in America tell the absolute, total truth in black-and-white about ISIS and not be afraid to do so,” Bell explained.

The ISIS coloring book can be bought for less than ten dollars online and is described as “indifferent to political correctness.”

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