‘Charming Christmas’: Hallmark TV Movie Based On Carly Alexander Book Airs Tonight Starring Julie Benz And David Sutcliffe

Charming Christmas is a delightful new Hallmark movie that is slated to premiere tonight on the cable channel. The Hallmark channel continues its enchanting line-up of wholesome movies for the family. Charming Christmas, which is based on the book The Secret Life of Mrs Claus by Carly Alexander, is third on the list of movies that are included in the ?#?CountdownToChristmas?. A romantic and endearing comedy movie, Charming Christmas is directed by Craig Pryce and written by Karen McClellan with Orly Adelson as executive producer. The talented cast stars Julie Benz as Meredith, David Sutcliffe as Nick, Ashley Leggat as Jessie, Daniel DeSanto as Vince, Vanessa Matsui as Olivia, Paul Hopkins as Daniel Botchwick, and Catherine McNally as Carol Rossman, according to TV Ruckus.

About the movie

Centered around a hard-working workaholic named Meredith, Charming Christmas follows the tenacious businesswoman as she takes over the family department store, a sophisticated, upscale store that has been in her family for 75 years. Caring mostly nothing about Christmas, Meredith busies herself in increasing the size of the current store while she tries to convince her parents to allow her to expand the business by franchising it. Reluctantly, her mother agrees to consider the idea, but Meredith must agree to wearing a beautiful Ms. Santa Claus dress that was first worn by her mom decades earlier. The magical dress sparked a romance between the mother and Meredith’s father who became quite smitten upon seeing her in it. When Meredith agrees, she meets the handsome Nick, a hunky gentleman who prides himself on being the best Santa around town. His loving and warm nature makes him a local favorite with the children around town. But will the old dress incite a romantic connection a second time between Nick and Meredith? And will Nick convince her to slow down enough to enjoy the magic of Christmas?

Charming Christmas is just one of the movies that will air on the Hallmark channel this holiday season. [Image via Hallmark/Facebook]
A bit about the author Carly Alexander

According to Fresh Fiction, Carly Alexander, also known by her pseudonym, got her big break working as an editorial assistant at Simon & Schuster after leaving her good-paying job in the insurance field. Later trying her hand at freelancing, she amassed an impressive list of books that she has written which caters to young women. The talented writer has also worked in the TV and film industry where she produced a couple of movies. In addition to The Secret Life of Mrs Claus, she has several other books that have done well, such as Sex And the Single Witch and The Eggnog Chronicle.

Hallmark has started its countdown to Christmas. [Image via Hallmark/Facebook]
Hallmark’s Charming Christmas is a gem of a movie that is sure to pleasure viewers as much as munching on a soft caramel candy on a winter day. Boris Mojsovski handles the amazing cinematography is this film. The glitzy Christmas lights and the colorful backgrounds gives this holiday special flick a cheery feel. We hope we’ve convinced you to watch a #CharmingChristmas on Hallmark tonight at 8/7 central. Enjoy the tease and trailer below. Read up on yesterday’s Hallmark movie entitled Ice Sculpture Christmas.

“Meredith Rossman is the uptight heiress of Rossman’s Department store. She has made the business her entire life, not leaving any time for Christmas or romance, much to the chagrin of her parents. But when she is roped into donning the store’s antique Mrs. Claus outfit to play Mrs. Claus at Rossman’s famous Santaville, her life takes some unexpected turns. Through the help of the suit and the charming store Santa, Nick, Meredith rekindles her love of Christmas, the store, their employees and possibly even begins a new love with Nick. He is mysterious, great with children and always there when you need him. Just like the real Santa….wait…could he be? One thing is certain: from the moment Meredith put on the magical Mrs. Claus dress, her life would never be the same!”

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