More Americans Still Blame Bush, Not Obama

He’s been out of the White House for more than three years, but most Americans still think George W. Bush for the nation’s economic troubles.

A Gallup Poll released Thursday showed that 68 percent of Americans blame Bush “a great deal” or “moderate amount,” while 52 percent blame Obama to the same degree, POLITICO reported.

The study also showed a political divide on who should accept more blame, but Republicans were more likely to blame Bush than Democrats were to blame Obama, the study found. Nearly half of Republicans said Bush was at fault, while only 19 percent of Democrats blamed Obama.

Americans fault Bush less now than they did in similar polls over the past three years, Gallup found. A July 2009 poll found that 80 percent of Americans said he was at fault for the nation’s economic problems, while 70 percent blamed him in an August 2010 poll.

The state of the economy and the blame for struggles to return to post-recession growth has been a major point of the presidential campaign thus far. In a speech set for Thursday in Cleveland, Obama plans to contrast his economic plan with Mitt Romney’s, CBS News reported.

On Wednesday Romney struck out at Obama’s economic plans, saying he had no new ideas to move the nation forward and kick-start the economy, CBS News reported.

“My own view is that he will speak eloquently, but that words are cheap, and that the record of an individual is the basis upon which you determine whether they should continue to hold on to their job,” Romney said from Washington, CBS reported.

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