Light In California Sky On November 7: From San Francisco To Los Angeles, Reports Of UFO, Comet, Or Naval Test Fire Abound [Videos]

There’s been a mysterious light in the skies over California that’s causing social media to go crazy with rumors of a UFO, comet, or perhaps naval test fires near Los Angeles all the way north to San Francisco.

As reported by KTLA 5 News, the mysterious light in the sky could be seen on Saturday night all the way from Southern California to the San Francisco Bay Area. It wasn’t a motionless light, but a moving light that caught the eyes of skywatchers and motorists as it moved along in the night sky. The Twitter account of the Orange County Sheriff’s office confirmed that the mysterious light was a naval test fire.

Indeed, according to ABC 7, secret operations from the military diverted planes around LAX for one week, so the mysterious light over California could’ve indeed been a naval test fire, and not a comet, UFO, or other weird occurrence. However, according to the comments being left on such tweets, not everyone is buying the naval test fire theory.

So for those detractors, the hunt is on to figure out exactly what caused the light in the skies over California. Witnesses from Santa Monica to Anaheim and beyond all reported seeing the light, which some thought may have been some type of rocket causing the flash of a stream of light. There are videos of the light as well, which could be seen by residents of Temecula and Rancho Palos Verdes as well. Other folks believed the mysterious light was some sort of comet streaking across the skies of California.

However, that naval test fire likely did not come from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Barbara County. That’s because a spokesperson for that facility confirmed that a rocket was not launched from that base on Saturday. Reports of the smell of the object fired are flowing into Twitter, along with videos of the reported rocket.

As seen in plenty of videos being shared on YouTube and across Twitter and Vine, the light in the sky caused plenty of confusion and questions. The video above, loaded on YouTube on November 7, features a woman asking what the streaking light was, with the sound of amazement and fear in her voice.

A search for “comet” on Twitter brings up plenty of videos from California of people wondering about the light in the sky.

A search for “UFO” on Twitter also results in loads of videos and reports from folks in California that got video of what they could only call an unidentified flying object in their beloved California skies.

All the varying reports of the mysterious light being either a rocket test, a comet, a UFO, or some other dynamic are certainly causing buzz online. On the KTLA 5 News Facebook account, thousands of shares have proved California residents’ interest in the lights in the sky. Folks beyond California, too, are adding their comments on the matter.

BREAKING: Dozens of witnesses across Southern California have reported seeing an unexplained bright light in the night sky.

[Image via Twitter/BaileyLAKings]

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