WWE News: Dean Ambrose Replaces Seth Rollins On ‘WrestleMania 32’ Poster, Is It Foretelling Ambrose Push?

When the now former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins, went down to an injury a few days ago, it was an unfortunate moment for WWE and those within the company. However, some good may come of it. The thought is that his loss is surely felt, as many consider him the best wrestler in the company. However, his loss opens up opportunities for many others who have not been getting a proper opportunity. One such name may very well be Dean Ambrose.

We’ve heard rumblings of a Dean Ambrose push for months now and it looks like WWE’s hand is now forced in a major way due to all the injuries and missing talent. Ambrose has needed a better treatment for over a year now, but the thought was that WWE would see this and eventually give him the opportunity to shine. They began to do it over the summer when he was killing it along with Seth Rollins. Then, poof, up in smoke the Dean Ambrose PPV main event matches went.

Now, it seems that there is no better option than to have Dean Ambrose replace the fallen champion. In WWE, it’s next man up like it is in the sports world. As you can see below, WWE has updated their WrestleMania 32 poster where Dean Ambrose takes the place of Seth Rollins.

WrestleMania 32 poster
[Image via WWE]
While it may not seem like a significant thing due to both Paige and Kofi Kingston also being on the poster, the top names WWE is planning to use are usually on the poster for WrestleMania and that does mean each person on this poster will be featured. The New Day has done well enough to get a big push heading into WrestleMania while Paige has earned her way up as well.

Seth Rollins was set to be involved in every major main event angle leading into the WrestleMania season. Whether or not Roman Reigns would have beaten him for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at WWE Survivor Series in a few weeks or not, WWE was planning to have Rollins involved in the main event scene and he may have even fought Roman Reigns for the championship there.

WWE wants to make Seth Rollins their top guy for a very long time with Roman Reigns at the top, as well. They may very well be the next John Cena and Randy Orton, respectively; however, Dean Ambrose may seem like the next generation’s CM Punk.

Cena and Ambrose
[Image via WWE]
He has all the talent in the world but is constantly overlooked. He may never complain, but Ambrose deserves more than what he gets and most every WWE fan will say the same.

With Rollins going down, could Dean Ambrose take his place as the top heel in WWE by simply turning him in the next month? A heel turn has been rumored as well for him, and while WWE had decided to hold off on it, due to the Seth Rollins injury it just might be the time to go through with the concept. The only other heels they have that could be in this position are Kevin Owens and Sheamus.

While Sheamus does possess the MITB case and Kevin Owens has done well in his first year with WWE, it might be best to turn Ambrose rather than try to build up those two at this point. It might be similar to a Stone Cold Steve Austin turn, where it happens for a time and then ends after a small period. Like Austin, people want to love Ambrose. However, a top heel is needed. With WWE wanting to make Roman Reigns a top tier babyface, it does not make sense to turn him over a Dean Ambrose who most feel fits better as a heel anyway.

[Image via WWE]

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