WWE News: WWE Considering Dean Ambrose Heel Turn Due To Not Knowing What To Do With Him Yet Again

When it comes to WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose, many wonder why WWE has yet to truly use him in a big way. Going into his WWE career, people saw how much talent he had in developmental and were salivating knowing that he could bring all of this to the main roster. He came up with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins with The Shield, and all three men were terrific in the spot the WWE gave them. Ambrose was the mouthpiece of the group, and even held singles gold during most of The Shield’s run on top.

People knew that at the end of the day, Ambrose was going to become an all-time great. The plan in most minds was that WWE would break up The Shield and have Dean Ambrose turn heel. This didn’t happen, as he was put in a babyface role to the counter Seth Rollins’ heel character. The two battling it out seemed fine at the time, but the sad part about all of this was that it meant WWE had to push one man and take one man down a peg.

Ambrose has consistently proved he is a main eventer, but he has yet to get this role. The thought was that with John Cena and now Randy Orton out due to either an injury or project, Ambrose would get a high position to show WWE he was worthy.

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According to Cageside Seats, WWE has considered this idea big time. However, they might be more interested in turning him heel right now. It is said that he is in a weird spot right now with creative, and they simply don’t know what to do with him. The thought is that turning him heel could open him up for more.

The issue with this is that it automatically forces him to take a backseat to Seth Rollins. WWE won’t feature him over Rollins, especially in the heel role. Fans would be okay with the heel role for Ambrose if they knew it turned into something more than what he is doing now. The issue is that WWE would need to turn someone else to counter this move for Ambrose.

Kevin Owens is a great heel who deserves a push up, and Rollins is more than good enough to stay at a top heel role. However, WWE is leaning more than ever these days to having Rollins turn babyface by early next year. This would allow for a heel Dean Ambrose to come in and show he can be a major part of WWE’s future.

Many considered the Dean Ambrose heel role from the beginning, but WWE went with the face role. So it would not be out of the norm to have him, or even Roman Reigns, make a turn just to freshen up their creative direction.

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While WWE Creative has been completely suspect for just about all of 2015 so far, it is sad that they do not know what to do with Ambrose. If turning him heel is only being done because they don’t know what to do with him, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

What would happen once he is heel? The same thing would obviously occur. If WWE were to make this move, it would need to be accompanied with a terrific story surrounding it. This way, Ambrose can show what he can do as a heel.

To most, it is not that hard to book a Joker-like figure in a bad guy role against a top tier babyface. However, this is WWE Creative we’re talking about. Dean Ambrose is not the only person they cannot work obvious storylines with.

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