Gwen Stefani Cheating? Gavin Rossdale Reportedly Thinks Romance With Blake Shelton Started Before The Divorce

Gwen Stefani may have cheated on Gavin Rossdale when she started her relationship with Blake Shelton, a new report claims.

The Voice coaches have gone public this week with their relationship after weeks of reports connecting them. Now there are rumors that their romance may have been going on much longer than this, with TMZ claiming that Gwen’s ex, Gavin Rossdale, fears that she started dating Blake long before filing for divorce earlier this year.

The report claims that Gavin suspected that Gwen Stefani was already in the early stages of her relationship with Blake Shelton when their marriage crumbled. Gavin is also suspicious of how Blake and Miranda Lambert got divorced at almost the same time.

“We’re told Gavin believes Gwen was painting him as a bad guy for cover… he thinks she was worried he’d take her to the cleaners if he found out she had already hooked up with Blake,” the report claimed.

Gavin did come out looking bad at times during the divorce process. Not long after he and Gwen made the shocking announcement that they were splitting, cross-dressing pop star Marilyn spilled details about an alleged affair with Gavin.

“I spoke to him a couple weeks ago, ” Marilyn, born Peter Robinson, told Radar Online. “He called me.”

The report added,

“According to Marilyn, Rossdale unleashed an emotional hour-long monologue about how his former lover was responsible for the breakdown of his marriage to Stefani.”

“Marilyn claimed he ranted about, ‘the way everything is my fault’ in an conversation that quickly became heated. ‘Because I did an interview [about the affair] … and everything from then on is all my fault.'”

“And I’m listening to all this. He said ‘You’re getting all worked up,’ and I said ‘Out of two of us, who’s the one screaming?’ He went on and on.”

Both Gwen and Gavin gave hints that there was trouble. Back in January, Gwen broke down during an interview when talking about their marriage.

“If I look back on the whole thing, the one thing that’s been constant is that we both want the same thing,” she said on the Today show (via Radar Online). “We both want to be married. We both want to be good parents, and so I feel really proud of what we’ve done together… You’re gonna get me crying!”

Gavin also hinted at trouble, telling Rolling Stone that his wife’s success “keeps you in check at the house.”

“You might come in with two of something, and she’s got 12 of something. You can never get over-excited, there’s something about that,” he said.

As Celeb Dirty Laundry noted, it’s possible that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have actually been together for more than a year and a half.

“Gwen’s affair with Blake may date back as far as April 2014 when the ‘Used to Love You’ singer joined ‘The Voice’ as a temporary replacement for Christina Aguilera. Stefani began flirting with Shelton almost immediately but everyone brushed it off as good television. A source says Gavin Rossdale believes Gwen Stefani is playing innocent and making him look like the bad guy while it’s really Stefani’s long-time affair with Blake Shelton that is at the root of the couple’s divorce after 13 years of marriage.”

Gwen Stefani has already stated that Blake Shelton was a big help as she moved through her divorce process. In an appearance on the Dallas/Fort Worth radio station 103.7 KVIL, Stefani said he grew closer to her on-air co-star as she and Rossdale split.

“There’s been loads of people that have helped me with this tragedy,” she said about the end of her marriage to Gavin Rossdale. “There’s definitely key people that have pointed me into the right direction. Blake really helped me. Not to change the subject, but it’s kinda on the same subject, Pharrell was literally like a guardian angel.”

Stefani also appeared to make a dig at Gavin Rossdale during the interview. The host made an obvious reference to Gavin, asking Gwen, “Southern men or British men?”

“Oh, that’s such a funny question!” Stefani said, appearing to understand the reference. “Let’s see, I would say if I had to choose, Southern.”

Gwen Stefani hasn’t responded to the rumors that she cheated on Gavin Rossdale with Blake Shelton.

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